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President Biden Trades In Democracy For Dictatorship

I have never labeled myself as either a Democrat or a Republican. I believe both parties are equally as corrupt and thus rarely do I perform political coverage. Today, though, marked a change for me. President Biden authorized the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to enact yet another Eviction Moratorium. For a week, the President hopped up every media outlet with the narrative that it was unconstitutional for him to continue the CDC Eviction Moratorium — hell, the US Supreme Court stated as much, Moreover, though, even Biden himself admitted that is was potentially unconstitutional. More on that in just a moment. The gist of the matter is that if you put people out on the streets, there will be a higher propensity to contract and/or spread COVID. The only problem with this is that President Biden and the entire Democratic party are passing the costs — $45 – $70 Billion thus far depending upon which flavor of estimates you read — on to the landlords. And much like the reason the original American Colonies overthrew the British Crown, the forced quartering and taking of monies owed by the US government, by and through their moratoria, is opening up old wounds.

The eviction moratoria which are spread throughout the municipal, county, state and federal levels are nothing more than thinly veiled economic relief measures. In fact, if these eviction bans were even remotely related to protecting the American Public from COVID, the governments aforementioned would have prevented ANY relocation by renters.

That is the dirty little secret that liberals do not like to talk about. If you take a look at renter relocations in a normal year, they average around 30 Million. Compare that number to the average 1 million evictions per year and the wheels fall off. And did anyone ever notice that the moratoria are targeted only for the poor? Is it only the poor whom are capable of  Moreover, though, it would appear that COVID has become the new war on terrorism in that anything done may be justified by simply uttering these five letters. And in the instant case it is the seizure of land and money, by the government, without due process or equal protection under the law.

COVID is a double edged sword. Precisely where COVID came from is unknown. And the US as well as the global government response has been mired in scandal, corruption, greed, and little success. We have several emergency approved vaccines — if you want to call them vaccines at all — which only appear to lessen the effects of the disease. A vaccine, in my opinion, should prevent the disease and none of those currently available for COVID do that. In fact, even after vaccination, people become infected, hospitalized, and die. Liberal mouthpieces will roll out the statistics that these are few and far between; however, they are facts nonetheless. And those whom are not vaccinated appear to have a higher rate of severity as well as hospitalization.

The problem therein lies with the fact that much like the War on Drugs or Terrorism, the War on COVID will never end. In fact, the initial alpha strain of COVID had a herd immunity of between 60% – 70%. The latest Delta strain pushes that bar in upwards of 90% which is virtually impossible to ever attain. Even more problematic is the simple and salient fact that the efficacy levels of the handful of vaccines out there are skewed, depending upon how the data is reported. Adding to problem is the fact that some vaccines are now dependent upon booster shots after six months.

The belief by the US government that simply stealing land and money from landlords will somehow assuage its guilt from enriching the ultra-rich while allowing the American Public to languish in destitute conditions is par for the course. Their $47 Billion program to assist in rent payments has only rolled out $2.7 Billion to date. It is incompetency at the highest level. In the same way that the US government was capable of rolling out direct deposit stimulus and Advanced Earned Income Credit (AEIC) to the population, so to could the rent payments have been rolled out. Perhaps a simple website? No, the intention was never to get the money out there to begin with. All along Uncle Joe Biden simply wanted to appear that he gave a shit, when he never really did.

If the US government was so concerned about the spread of COVID from the health care point-of-view versus the economic impact which could rapidly foment revolution, the reality is that the millions of people currently homeless would have been placed into some type of housing. The problem with the Biden Administration’s narrative on COVID is the fact that it changes daily.

The Heritage Foundation has a pretty good legal primer on why the President, the CDC, and Congress have no legal right to create moratoria on evictions.

Here’s a very basic primer of which types of regulations may be imposed by Congress under the commerce clause.

If the regulated activity is interstate and economic in nature, Congress may regulate the activity. But evictions are inherently intrastateFurthermore, an eviction order from a court is not an economic product.

If the regulated activity itself is intrastate (within one state) rather than interstate, Congress may regulate the activity if it is “economic activity [that] substantially affects interstate commerce.” But an eviction proceeding neither affects interstate commerce nor is an economic activity.

Lastly, if the regulated activity itself is intrastate and is not economic in nature, Congress may regulate the activity only if the regulation is “an essential part of a larger regulation of economic activity, in which the regulatory scheme could be undercut unless the intrastate [noneconomic] activity were regulated.” But an eviction moratorium is not part of any larger regulation of economic activity.

The ultimate question which presents is how long will the Biden Administration be allowed to continue fleecing landlords.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.
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