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Patrick Lovell: A Movie Producer On A Mission

I had the opportunity to speak with Patrick Lovell, Producer and Protagonist of Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream last night. Kudos to Cinema Libre Studios for reaching out to me to review Forward 13; don’t stop there take a look at their great assortment of docudramas they house! Most of you out there know that I have an extremely sensitive bullshit detector built in; it is symbiotic with my opinionated commentary here on Foreclosurepedia. Let me say this very clearly: Lovell’s positions and mine meet in an Aristotelian way. Before I get into this, let me first introduce Lovell. This is taken from Everyman SuperPAC and best defines him,

Patrick dove into Hollywood shortly after graduating college with a degree in Political Science. While his intellectual curiosity was always in history, power, and the machinations of government with a particular fascination in America’s founding, he never saw his political science education leading to a career. Patrick envisioned himself a filmmaker and headed off to Hollywood to pursue his version of the American Dream. Los Angeles would ultimately deliver on a multitude of levels, as Lovell gained experience working for some of Hollywood’s most well known Executive Producers and also working in development and production for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

Six years later, he needed a break from the high pace of Hollywood so he decided to move to Park City, Utah to reboot. It wasn’t long before Patrick’s passion for production led to high-octane action sports and small market television that would later evolve entertainment production around the Sundance Film Festival. Patrick would find and marry the girl of his dreams and they would eventually have a son. They purchased a home during the housing boom, and Patrick continued his career in Entertainment, producing a television show in which he traveled the country giving away homes to deserving people with remarkable stories. In August 2007, the Executive Producers went belly-up overnight, and the show ended.

Had Patrick known what was on the horizon, he would have tucked tail and run the other way. Instead, he decided to take the little savings he had and take a chance to start his own company. He found an investor and was supposed to realize seed funding on September 15, 2008. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the exact date that Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, triggering the Financial Crisis. Patrick had his version of the American Dream in the palm of his hand the day the American Dream died. For the next several years the Lovells would be thrown into the white wash of the economic disaster in which there were no easy answers. The family pretty much lost everything except for what mattered. Patrick lost the grips of his business and would eventually lose his home to foreclosure. The pain and pressure of the times nearly destroyed him, but he held on by his fingertips long enough to put his skills as a producer to work as he secured funding for producing a documentary that would ultimately use his family’s story as an entry point, leading to a much bigger revelation that the United States has become that which it rebelled against to be born in the first place.

Patrick has produced a film called Forward 13: Waking Up the American Dream that has led to the revelation that change is absolutely necessary, and failing to implement change will further entrench the disaster of 2008. Patrick has teamed up with Veteran Investment and Finance Professional Corey V. Smith, to found the Everyman SuperPAC and take concrete steps to put what they’ve discovered into action to right the wrongs of our times. In his role as Executive Director of EMSP, Patrick has found himself a political activist in the age of media. Because of everything that’s led to this moment, Patrick will never be the same until the war is won to realign American Democracy with the will of the people.

Lovell is on a Mission. I like Missions. I had a clearly defined Mission within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. That Mission was to bring Public Awareness to the atrocities being committed against Contractors by Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Lovell’s Mission, as I currently understand it, is to bring Public Awareness to the atrocities being committed against home owners by Financial Institutions and their Proxies. Now, as Aristotle so eloquently opined, “The Paths Meet.” You see, the Financial Institutions are the genesis; the causation if you will, of both cesspools of iniquity.

More on point, though, the seedy underbelly of the Agenda — the shifting of both property and wealth — to create a socioeconomically deprived labor force inherently dependent upon the Government — a mere extension of the Corporation — insures perpetual involuntary servitude.

Folks, gears are shifting. This is a common Plight. Make no mistake whatsoever, Foreclosurepedia is going to ensure the transfer of information which will create a common Platform. I am not going to delve much deeper this evening; however, I wanted to get this out for the Morning Drive By Media to churn. We are hopefully going to get Lovell to do a sit down on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast to discuss issues which are currently impacting the Foreclosurepedia Nation as well as those whom have been defrauded by the Financial Institutions and their Proxies.

Finally, I am putting the word out that we are going to need volunteers. Many of you responded to the call for work on the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Database. Hopefully, we will merge it with a new vector to begin addressing what Lovell began in what I like to think as the Prologue to his Opus in Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream. If you haven’t seen it yet, get off your ass and view it. Don’t stop there, though. Send me an email and tell me your Opinion! It is up to us, ladies and gentlemen, to ensure that we prevail.

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