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NAMFS Website Reinfected As Eric Miller Refuses To Take Action

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) website has been hacked for the third time in as many months with apparent root access gained to the servers as demonstrated by  the hackers injecting a plethora of pages which are not NAMFS related. So catastrophic is the damage this go around that Google issued an IMMEDIATE ALERT as seen below. Over a week ago we reached out to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, begging him to inform the NAMFS Membership of the dangers for NAMFS Members accessing the site and the potential for their credit card information and other personally identifiable data having been breached. Miller refused to respond. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has been monitoring several Russian Language #IRC Channels as well as Dark Web nodes and it is apparent to us that NAMFS is in for a very rude awakening should they not heed our warnings.

Eric Miller Allows Hackers To Crack NAMFS Servers Yet Again

The fact of the matter is that while NAMFS; while Miller whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, sold out Labor it is now becoming apparent, in my opinion, that perhaps some of these breaches might potentially be occurring as an inside job. I mean I am hard pressed to understand how it is that the Premiere Trade Association whom advises the Industry is incapable of protecting its Membership. I am also concerned that Miller & Company refuse to inform any of the NAMFS Membership.

Just A Few Of The Inside Job Type Breaches
Just A Few Of The Inside Job Type Breaches

This is a fast breaking story. We will keep everyone in the loop including if/when NAMFS Member Credit Cards are moved onto the Black Market. While I will not publish the Credit Card Information, I most certainly will give a list of the Personal and Business Names associated should this occur.

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