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NAMFS Suffers Catastrophic Financial Losses Due To Paid Executive Director

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of dollars since the inception of a paid Executive Director beginning with Tim Doehner. Foreclosurepedia has been the only media outlet involved in the close scrutiny of what we consider to be the ongoing criminal enterprise of the NAMFS Regime. The reality is that Foreclosurepedia now knows why Eric Miller did not want to release the NAMFS Regime Tax Returns. Make no mistake whatsoever, Foreclosurepedia predicts losses nearing ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for FY2014.

Under extreme pressure and facing federal investigations, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) released their Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 Tax Returns to Foreclosurepedia.

Beginning in 2010, Tim Doehner reversed course with respect to compensation with respect to the NAMFS Executive Director. In fact, between the founding of the NAMFS Regime in 1988 through 2009 — TWENTY ONE YEARS — not a single NAMFS Regime Executive Director ever remotely approached the obscene ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR salary which Eric Miller is lavished with.  To put this into perspective for FY2013, let me extrapolate the numbers in the way that only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing,

For FY2013, the NAMFS Regime brought in $192,210 in Offender Member Dues. Eric Miller was paid $120,215 in salary. This IS EXCLUDING ALL OF THE PERKS MILLER RECEIVED. $15,714 was paid for travel; $15,594 was paid for hotels. In fact, for the Miller NAMFS Regime’s Virtual Office — that’s right no known physical office exists or Foreclosurepedia would have already applied for a Permit to Picket — to function, it consumed SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX DOLLARS!

Foreclosurepedia did a little bit of research to see whether or not the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors were complying with federal law in their awarding of Miller’s salary,


Yes, that is right. $59,510 is the average pay for a non profit association’s executive director. Now, while those NAMFS Regime Board Members may believe that they are not liable for their actions, I have a stack of lawsuits; some from the IRS, begging to differ. Before we get there, though, I want to point out something which is actual perjury as we are on the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors topic. On Schedule O of the NAMFS Regime IRS Form 990, we have the following,

Form 990, Part VI, Line 7a – Election of Members and Their Rights

Persons having membership in the organization have the right to elect the officers of the Association who are part of the Board of Directors which is the governing body.

We know this is a lie; an outright and outrageous lie. In fact, no NAMFS Member I found voted for Joe Hummel, Keystone Property Services, whom was recently illegally and unconstitutionally appointed to the NAMFS Regime Board. More on point, though, and in total disregard for prevailing non profit standards and contrary to IRS Guidelines, the Executive Director is consulted with respect to the legitimacy of his pay the Council of Non Profits states,

In order to protect your nonprofit and its board members from potential intermediate sanctions (penalties) you may want to  follow the 3-step process promoted by the IRS (in instructions to the Form 990), to determine whether compensation is “reasonable and not excessive.”

  1. The board should arrange for an “independent body” (which means that the person receiving the compensation should not be the one responsible for the review) to conduct a “comparability review.” Many nonprofits task a “compensation committee,” or use their executive committee, or another sub-group/task force of board members, for this purpose;
  2. The independent body should take a look at “comparable” data, such as that available in salary and benefit surveys, to learn what employers of a similar budget size that are located in the same, or a similar geographic region, pay their senior leaders. Ideally, the comparison will include data from other nonprofits of a similar mission focus.
  3. Document who was involved and the process used to conduct the review, as well as the disposition of the full board’s decision to approve the executive director’s compensation (minutes of a meeting are fine for this). The documentation should demonstrate that the board took the comparable data into consideration when it approved the compensation.

Where the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors run afoul is that on their Schedule O, the NAMFS Regime states,

Form 990, Part VI, Line 15a – Compensation Process for Top Official

Compensation for the Executive Director position is determined, in part, by reference to applicable salary survey data […]

The Officers of the Association perform an annual performance review with the Executive Director […]

So, the Executive Director is included in at least part of the process. And with respect to the applicable salary survey data, well we already saw the above graphic showing comparable salaries. In fact, states,

Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization Salary (United States)

An Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization earns an average salary of $60,339 per year. Experience has a moderate effect on pay for this job. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Business Development and Strategic Planning.
Maybe I have it all wrong, though. Perhaps, Eric Miller is doing such a sterling job at bringing in revenue that he should be paid more than twice what other non profit executive director’s in the United States currently receive! Here, let’s look at a chart we created here in the Foreclosurepedia GHQ.

NAMFS LossesOne can clearly see that over the past two years under the Executive Directorship of Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime RAN OVER BUDGET SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS! When you include yet another TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE DOLLARS for his salary — THIS IS NEARLY A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! — I am not able to come to any other conclusion other than this is a criminal enterprise operating across state lines in the furtherance of an artifice or scheme! I mean there is no other way to look at what is going on within the NAMFS Regime and its Board of Directors. And I want to be very clear here. I have every intention of holding the entirety of the Board of Directors accountable. Simply because you are a NAMFS Regime Board of Director and do nothing; simply because you are ticket punching as we used to say in the military, does not excuse your liability.

People need to pay very close attention to that chart. The NAMFS Regime has losses totaling nearly a million dollars since they started paying their executive directors. Tim Doehner is directly responsible for ushering in that era. Eric Miller, though — shit, simply look at the numbers!

Tomorrow, we are going to drill down on each of the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors and their allegations that they are volunteering over a hundred hours per year at the lowest levels and several hundred hours per year at the higher levels. We are going to name the Board Members and then begin to drill down on their Firms as well.

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