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NAMFS Remains Silent As Coronavirus Deaths Mount

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has chosen to stay silent as the infection rate and death toll from the coronavirus mounts here in the United States. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has been AWOL, as usual, but not surprisingly. Many, though, are starting to sound the alarm within Labor. For many people whom make three dollars per inspection, the question which presents is whom will be there in the event that they become infected — certainly not NAMFS nor its Membership! Moreover, though, Miller and his cronies have neither compassion nor worries when it comes to sending Minority Females and Labor into the lion’s den of an epidemiological catastrophe so long as it makes them money. And while Miller lost $51,616 during NAMFS’ last publicly released income tax filings for Fiscal Year 2017, no one seems to care. Under the leadership of Miller NAMFS has lost tens of thousands of dollars each year while Miller has been granted ten thousand dollar per year raises during much of his tenure. Miller’s salary today exceeds One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year which is nearly the entire remaining amount of assets and capital remaining according to their IRS filing.

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Just a week ago on February 29, there was one confirmed death from coronavirus in the United States. Now the rapidly-spreading virus has killed 19 people and affected more than 30 states and the District of Columbia.

And as NAMFS members continue to pump out inspections in King County, Washington, the reality is that they are, in effect, issuing a potential death sentence to those performing their three dollar inspections. Amazon and Microsoft have now both advised their employees to stay home. Does Eric Miller care? Fuck no. And in many cases, Labor is not even being paid the three dollars. To put it into perspective, the following zip codes show the rates of foreclosure in the Seattle area. Mathematically, that means there are a hell of a lot of inspections going on at Ground Zero.

98146 1 in every 2690; 98198 1 in every 3600; 98168 1 in every 3957; 98118 1 in every 4459; and 98108 1 in every 4583.

Even as the University of Washington and a Seattle area school district have told their 80,000 students combined to take their classes online for up to several weeks, NAMFS members refuse to advise Minority Females and Labor how to remain safe — purposefully. 16 are now dead in Seattle and still not a word. And there is no other way to view it for why would Eric Miller and NAMFS remain silent other than to continue lining their pockets with the cash as the potential for death continues to climb. Here is how one Member of the Foreclosurepedia Nation put it,

People have said I am nuts when I say this but…… When this thing gets out of control just watch…..
Banks are going to put a moratorium on all collection practices, inspections etc.  Our industry is going to come to a halt at least on the inspection side.  I’m being called a lunatic, but my wife and I are saving, saving, saving, saving and preparing for the fact that I might not have work for an extended period.
Everyone should be operating with that mentality.  What happens when lets say Bank of America, or Wells Fargo, or whoever puts that announcement out that “We will not be pursuing collection activity until life returns to normal.”
ALL of those inspections stop!  The nationals wont have work, which means the regionals wont, which means labor wont.  People need to wake up and smell the toast.
And there appears to even be a centrally religious theme which has evolved. Sentinel Field Service, ran by a devout Mormon, has chosen to continue allowing Minority Females and Labor to continue making them money without warning about the implications of coronavirus. Safeguard Properties, ran by an Orthodox Jew, continues to allow Minority Females and Labor to continue making them money without warning about the implications of coronavirus. Moreover, though, these NAMFS members are potentially spreading the virus around in multiple communities nationwide by and through their inspectors. Here is what I mean,

An average inspector performs 15 – 25 inspections per day — and that is to barely break even. These inspectors are in multiple cities and sometimes states each and every day. There are literally tens of thousands of inspectors out there whom have not only the potential to contract coronavirus, but to spread it like wildfire.

And yet, not a single word. Even the US Department of Housing and Urban Development is talking about the problem exclusively with Foreclosurepedia. Here is what a Senior HUD Official had to say,

We’ve been having a discussion at the higher level regarding Coronavirus and contractor performance impact relative to quarantines, but have not issued any guidance at this point.  Now that CDC has come out publicly saying it’s not a question of “if” but rather “when” I will see if the CPO and our Policy ACPO are willing to put something out publicly to the contractors in advance of widespread quarantines.

Foreclosurepedia anticipates an update from HUD tomorrow. In the meantime, nearly a month ago I warned of where we were heading. And for those of you whom continued to march to the beat of NAMFS, you will eventually reap what you sow.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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