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NAMFS Executive Director Refuses Tax Return Inquiry

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, Eric Miller, was contacted by Foreclosurepedia last week with respect to the NAMFS FY 2015 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990. As usual, Miller refuses to provide any information to our media inquiry. The IRS Form 990 is the tax return which all non profit organizations, NAMFS included, are required to file. By law, the 990 must be presented to anyone requesting a copy. For four years now Eric Miller has forced Foreclosurepedia to file a formal 13909 Complaint with IRS in order to view such. Ironic for a man whom screams for compliance in that Miller refuses to ever willingly comply with federal law himself,

The Internal Revenue Service gives serious consideration to complaints made alleging the abuse of the tax exempt status granted to certain organizations.

When reviewing filed complaints, the IRS carefully follows special procedures designed to assure the public of the IRS’s objectivity in the treatment of tax-exempt organizations. These procedures ensure that the IRS operates in an unbiased and appropriate manner and that its compliance programs are not improperly influenced by outside intervention.

The responsibility for administering these procedures belongs to the Exempt Organizations (EO) function, which is part of the IRS’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities Operating Division.

It should be further duly noted that Miller is the subject of a Freedom of Information Act request served upon the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with respect to, at best, purposeful hinderance of legitimate inquiries into the actions — or inactions — of Ivery Himes, Director, Office of Single Family Asset Management, Assistant Secretary for Housing, Federal Housing Administration (FHA). This Inquiry was sent to Craig Karnes, Acting Director, Contract Operations and Director of HUD’s Marketing and Management’s (M&M) Contracting Center whose contempt for non Progressive interests is notorious outside of the Atlanta Beltway.

It is no secret that Karnes has overseen the recent backroom deal kicking Q Integrated square in the nuts. Now, whether or not Matt Martin has become so soft that he is unable to stand up to HUD is a yet unknown equation. And whether Martin, et al., will lash out with threats like San Roman did are likewise unknown.

What is known is that Foreclosurepedia releases, later this week, a Connect-the-Dots with respect to CWIS and their obvious proxy placing of MABACorp and Adriley Field Services for the up and coming Field Service Management Contract later this year. And I am going to be very fucking candid here: L&B Management was fucked over. Nothing new, though, as CWIS is the $42 dollar reason which brought Foreclosurepedia into existence. So, everyone had best stand by as heads are going to roll.

Karnes has done a spectacular job in keeping the GTR’s investigation to a dull roar. No way; no way in fucking hell in an election cycle will we stand for the outright racial discrimination I see going on. L&B Management had their entire work load snatched for no other reason other than Whitey wanted a bigger piece of the pie and to prop up bullshit proxies for the next FSM run!

So, NAMFS Committee Members to thank other than Eric Miller for what is shaping up to be one hell of a d0xing Summer: The Summer of D0x we will call it!  😉

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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