NAMFS: A Slippery Slope Into Violence

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member Carol Boyd, NAMFS Regime Bronze Level Contributor and owner of Boyd Property Preservation, is on the warpath according to her ex sister-in-law. I received a call today at 1146EDT from the elderly and widowed whistle blower whom had been interviewed back in November, 2013. According to her, Carol Boyd had gone to her daughter’s place of employment demanding her address and stating that she [Carol Boyd] and her sisters were going to get the whistle blower.

Where do you start with something like this? Threatening and intimidating an elderly woman?! We have dozens of emails documenting Carol Boyd’s sending of bounced checks to Contractors. We recently brought to light her use of a tenant and his mother on job sites and then allegedly not paying them what they were owed and refusing medical attention for the mother after her injury.

Now, we are adding threats of violence against whistle blowers. I mean the NAMFS Regime must have lost their minds! This is the United States of America not Nazi Germany!

Kingpin Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime and recipient of OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR; NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS REGIME MEMBERSHIP DUES is well aware of the Carol Boyd Matter. In response to a Contractor’s email attempting to get help from the NAMFS Regime, Miller stated,

It appears that this involvement has made some difference as there was contact made (although no payment to date). That said, NAMFS is still working through the direction set by the Board of Directors. I completely understand your frustration and anger at the situation. NAMFS continues to review our by-laws and procedures but as it does not have part in the signed contract it has left resolution of monetary related issues to the direct parties involved.

It has come to my attention that the information you provided to NAMFS, including the unsigned check which provides routing and account numbers, is now posted on a website called Foreclosurepedia. It also appears that some of our personal correspondence has also been included which is unfortunate.

The Carol Boyd Matter is so prolific that United States Senator Bob Corker had to become involved in an attempt to get Contractors paid. Constituent Representative Rhonda Smithson stated in an email,

I hope that you are doing well and that you had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to follow up with you to ensure that all funds had been released to you at this time. I understand that significant progress had been made and that you had received partial payment from the vendor. We are happy to help with anything you need.

Kingpin Miller is no stranger to threats of violence nor hiding his association with such. Miller hired lawyers whom were apparently Members of the Freshman Lawyers Guild when Foreclosurepedia suggested Contractors take pro active measures to collect their pay. While Foreclosurepedia recommended no violence, Miller felt the below LinkedIn Comments in a Group which he is a voluntary member, were apparently appropriate as he did not flag the comments nor sue them.

Fernando R. • Unfortunately someone in this group is not taking his Alzheimers medicine. Like Mr. Newman, that writes in this blog parts of the Scarface movie where he really believes he will execute and throw Executives bodies in the bottom of the Tampa Gulf. He takes pictures of the execs family members and pictures of outside their homes as part of his collecting practices, he confeses that in this very blog, it’s obvious he’s delusional and his imagination it’s very ample to believe he can do all that as if his reality was part of another 007 or a mobster movie.

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Fernando R. • John, I have no beef with you, and I don’t want you to take offensively my comments, but when you publically state you will murder someone and put them in the bottom of the ocean, that sounds juvenile to me. If you want to do things right and really get this type of crooks to pay; get your anger and frustration out the best thing to do is slap them in the face with the help of NAMFS, the FTC (which alone would put any bank to shake to just hear their name, an audit and a deep investigation) plus the FBI white collar crime division. All this is more than enough to close them down.

Unless and until the NAMFS Regime publicly addresses the Carol Boyd Matter, those whom have dissenting opinions with respect to the way NAMFS Regime Members conduct themselves will now be in fear for their lives.

The escalation of desperation of NAMFS Regime Members is a telling sign. I believe that the realities of financial insolvency are breaking the stoic façade which has prevailed. If left unchecked, the NAMFS Regime could quite possibly have blood on their hands — literally, not proverbially.

We advised the elderly lady to contact law enforcement. She stated that she would and was going to purchase a firearm. I mean this is where we are at now. Law abiding citizens are having to arm themselves for simply speaking out against NAMFS Regime Members. While I somewhat appreciate the Regime’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy, at what point-in-time does the Regime take a stand against violence; where is the Line in the Sand? Do we wait until there is a body count before the Regime removes a Member?

I just got off the phone with the brave woman whom gave the Interview. She has two daughters; one whom is apparently not afraid to deal with Carol Boyd and the other whom is demure and non confrontational. Carol Boyd selected the latter. That selection is predatory as I see it. Carol Boyd went to her work to confront her. While it is stalking, in my opinion, it is ever so more insidious in that this young lady was recently hired after loosing her former job of 26 years.

This is a pattern and practice which is normally only seen in Organized Crime. The threatening and intimidating of the elderly, though, reaches a new low. Just when I think I have seen it all, the NAMFS Regime reaches new lows. A message needs to be sent that actions like Carol Boyd’s are not rewarded with Membership in Trade Associations.


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