Michael Breese and Company: Why NAMFS Membership Promises Protection

Eric Miller, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director, is on Cloud 9 and swimming in cash these days. With the recent announcement that Michael Breese, Hack owner of HomeStar Field Services LLC was able to Deep Six Energy REO and HomeStar Property Solutions LLC with debt owed to the innocent men and women of Labor, it looks like all is well in the nefarious world of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. While Breese believes he was able to  escape Minnesota with the clothes on his back and noting he just partnered with US Residential Fund (ASX: USR), the reality is that he was not watching his six. Foreclosurepedia reached out to Andrew Meakin in Australia for comment. None was forthcoming.


It is generally indicative that there are going to be problems when you infuse a Company like HomeStar with capital and they cannot even spell — note property’s should be properties above. As we know, though, HomeStar attempted to sucker several other large Industry veterans with his Get Rich scheme asking for enormous cash infusions. A simple PACER search will reveal Breese and Company are in a world of shit.

HomeStar is currently under investigation by the Minnesota Department of Labor (MNDoL). In fact, Daniel Cunningham is looking for HomeStar employees and contractors whom have been how shall we say disenfranchised by Breese and Company. You may reach Cunningham at:  651-284-5828 or daniel.cunningham@state.mn.us  to further reinforce that the State of Minnesota is on the right track in their investigations.

Eric Miller and his Latina debutant Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, the Vice President of NAMFS, both have a vested interest in Breese never being brought to justice. Miller’s motivation is self evident as Breese’s fraud helps pay his salary — MILLER RECEIVES OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES. Farelo-Fernandez has the ability to pitch the fact that no Ethics Investigations will ever occur which will engender Breese to move work to the Farelo Group in my opinion. She and her company may feel free to submit documentation that no phone calls have ever taken place; discussions have never occurred; and that she or her firm or subsidiaries have ever interacted with Breese and I will reconsider my opinions — we know that will never happen as she refuses to return either emails or phone calls.

So horrific is the fall from grace that NAMFS has experienced, even Google has taken notice. Foreclosurepedia now is occupying Third Position on Page One of Google.

Foreclosurepedia Takes 3rd Position On Page One of Google

Foreclosurepedia Takes 3rd Position On Page One of Google

To visually demonstrate the power we now have, even with NAMFS paying HousingWire for both advertising and paid article placement, Jacob Gaffney, the Executive Editor of HousingWire — read Paul Jackson — is unable to break our control. HousingWire ranks below Foreclosurepedia on Page One of Google.

HousingWire does not have the pull with Google to eclipse Foreclosurepedia

HousingWire does not have the pull with Google to eclipse Foreclosurepedia

At the end of the day, Michael Breese will be held to atone for his sins. Those within the NAMFS Regime whom continue to foster an open and rebellious attitude; those like Eric Miller and his Board of Directors whom have an open disdain for the Rule of Law, will join the countless other NAMFS Regime Members whom have been bankrupted during #OpNAMFS.

Foreclosurepedia will run a Foreclosurepedia Podcast Special Edition on Social Media Guerilla Warfare this evening and educate people on precisely what impact we have had lately. We believe that Farelo-Fernandez has vacated the Vice Presidency of NAMFS and in fact that entire NAMFS Board of Directors positions are up for election this year.


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  1. Stephanie Olson  December 18, 2015 at 11:32

    Unfortunately, our company, Olson Builders, Inc. is one in a long line of Mom and Pop small businesses that have been duped and suckered by Michael Breese and HomeStar, LLC. What a crook this man is, he has thousands of dollars of unpaid fees to my company. After just a few weeks of research, I find I am among a very long list of honest laborers that have been taken advantage of by this crook of a human being.

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