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Maine Begins NAMFS Funeral Progression

In a time when the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is praying for relief in the form of yet more ignorant Contractors to prey upon, the last thing they needed was a State Government coming in and regulating their out of control, nationwide fraud fest. The State of Maine upped the ante. Where was NAMFS on reporting this? Nowhere; asleep at the helm as usual.

LD 1389 was signed by Governor of Maine on 14 April 2014. In layman’s terms, ANYONE IN THE PROPERTY PRESERVATION INDUSTRY working in Maine are now legally called Debt Collectors. That means you are responsible for obtaining proper credentials and abiding by, in part, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Cutting the grass? You are a debt collector. Why? The Fraudsters at the NAMFS Regime continued to pile requirement after requirement upon Contractors. So, you people finally got what you wanted. Not one of you stood up and make no mistake this will spread like wildfire.

The Lender Processing Services – Black Knight Newsletter is reporting,

The new law allows these providers to enter into a dwelling “only if authorized by the terms of a note, contract or mortgage.” Providers are required to “inventory any unsecured items removed from the dwelling and immediately notify the appropriate consumer that the unsecured items will be made available in a manner convenient to the consumer.”

We have a call into the State of Maine and are told we will receive an Official Announcement and Q&A Session in the next week or so. The end result is that Contractors are going to finally shoulder ALL OF THE RESPONSIBILITY. Personally, I am glad. This is what happens when you have all of the hacks over on the Drive By Social Media like Facebook preaching the gospel of keeping your mouths shut. You folks bought yourself a new god. So, instead of just worrying about simple bankruptcy, now the real potential of jail time is close at hand. Much like Moses coming down from On High, I say to you people turn away from your false worship and Organize.

So, where are your messiahs Terry Platt and Joe Hummel? Yeah, all that hope and change bullshit. With Terry Platt soon to be put into the NAMFS Regime and forcing his Education Program along with the Porn Store comics I am damn sure hope and change are coming your way VERY SOON! As in, “I sure hope I have some Soap on a Rope and I am going to Change My Cell Assignement.”

Nothing new under the sun. More tomorrow.

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