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Joe Hummel: Not Too Shaby On His Debut As Columnist

Joe Hummel, CEO of Keystone Property Services LLC, checked in for duty as a Featured Columnist over on Terry Platt’s CubicYard. While Hummel is a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, he strikes me as a Member whom would seem to be making an attempt at getting the Old Guard NAMFS Regime Board a bit more centered around obeying the law. Neither here nor there as this is about his Column.

Generally, I don’t write a whole lot about my Competition, good or bad, as I figure they have enough headaches without having to wake up at 0308EDT with a Paul Williams Alarm going off. You may see that example at the bottom of this Article. Hummel’s Article, though, was worthy of my opining upon.

The art of word smithing — that is what I do as a King Maker or King Breaker — is truly an art. You see, to be able to place your readership into a trance or incite them is a special skill set. Much like the Buczek Enterprises war; a 100 hour war wherein a multimillion dollar company was decimated by the stroke of the keyboard, word smithing is a commodity.

I think that there is an old school mentality of how the MFS industry should operate, and a new school mentality trying to reform it with cutting edge technology, creative baseline standards, and controls that are in many ways better for your company.

That paragraph alone telegraphs to me that Hummel is a forward thinker. Now, I am not saying that I am all Pro Hummel or Platt for that matter. All of us disagree on a plethora of issues. What I AM SAYING is that without addressing some of the baselines of a technologically inept Industry, it is going nowhere. Look, while I may agree that RTT (real time transmission) is a Financial Institution boon — at the end of the day the Consumer of the Product which is our Labor — is excellent for the ROI (Return on Investment) I worry more about the Command and Control exerted over the Contractor.

That is the biggest problem at the end of the day. The Contractor is excluded from ALL ASPECTS of participation unless they pony up money to Eric Miller. When you tell Labor this is what you MUST DO you cross lines in the sand that the whirlwind of regulation — I predicted it and #TheOracle is rarely wrong — is eventually going to over correct!

Hummel, though, isn’t bogged down with the rhetoric or the legalese like myself and that is a GOOD THING! We need more than one voice out there provided that it isn’t selling the Kool Aid. Contractors should check the article out and comment on how the technology is or is not impacting them even though the NAMFS Regime doesn’t care. The Regulators, whom are damn sure coming, will care!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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