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ISTAR Fusion Update

Just got in the door and finished dinner. This is quick and to the point. We are putting together a National Council over the weekend which will also have a third party, private accounting firm overseeing the funds we currently possess in the Contractor Benevolence Fund. Part of the fund will be for Contractor Aid in Kind, and part will be ear marked for the filing of Liens. The cut off for submission of your information for consideration to become a Member of the National Council is at 2359EDT on 30MAR14. The National Council will Publish a Constitution and Mission Statement no later than 04APR14.

For those Contractors involved with the Buczek Enterprises collapse, I am working as hard as I can to return your emails and phone calls. I am a one man show with EXTREMELY LIMITED FUNDING. I am hopeful, though, that with the enormous groundswell of volunteers and several Donations we now have, I will be able to spear head this Operation rapidly. Each and every Volunteer and National Council Member must be cleared through an ISTAR Vetting Process. We are not going to risk corruption like that currently seen within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime nor the now defunct National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG).

For those owed money by Buczek Enterprises or ANY OTHER National, Regional or Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill, please get your information out to me as soon as possible for the Submission to the National Council and to also look at the possibility for the delegation of funds for Liens.

Thank you; God Bless Our Cause and God Bless the United States of America.

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