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IAFST To Launch Soon

With many of Foreclosurepedia’s predictions coming true with respect to the fact that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is both contracting with respect to National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills, the time has come to Organize. With Order Mills going bankrupt nearly every week; with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime now in shambles and its former and disgraced National Secretary Heather Berghorst potentially facing prison, the reality is that there is a void which must be filled. This void must be filled with both bipartisanship dialogue and Leadership capable of lobbying both state and federal legislatures. Lessons being learned from the past, the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) has already crossed the aisle, speaking with Management, and has employed ISTAR Clear Base to ensure that Labor remains unmolested.

Earlier this evening, Foreclosurepedia put out a call to the nearly 1,000 Member Strong Foreclosurepedia Nation and sent an additional 15,254 emails to other Contractors — both Field Service and Inspector — to become involved in this Movement. The reality is that in less than several fiscal quarters, the Mortgage Field Services Industry will be held in firm control by three National Order Mills — Safeguard Properties is not one of them. Those whom wish to see any change will Organize; those whom do not will ultimately be labeled and identified.

IAFST is more than a simple Association of Contractors. IAFST will bring the full force and effect of Foreclosurepedia’s Network of Clients to bear on behalf of IAFST. We have been in discussions for nearly a year with several Portfolio Holders ironing out details to ensure that when IAFST begins, they know its Members meet the stringent requirements necessary to traverse the next tidal wave of foreclosures rapidly approaching. They additionally have come to respect the rigorous on site investigations we conduct with respect to Contractors and have already begun to reap the benefits of those whom perform services within the scope of Property Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabs.

The IAFST is a holistic, wide spectrum model in that not only do we ensure that our Members pass muster, we work with them to surmount educational, technological and logistical issues. This, coupled with the nearly one thousand affidavits taken to date, will form the White Papers which IAFST will present to all 50 State’s Legislatures along with Congress. Speaking on education, IAFST has every intention of obtaining ISO Certification with respect to an Industry Glossary no later than Q2FY2015. With this within the Command and Control of IAFST, we will ensure that the days of 100 ways to perform a given service come to an end; the bane of questionable back billing will follow the same path for our Members.

IAFST has no intentions of engaging in rhetoric with those forces currently in control of NAMFS. We will gladly reach across the aisle should they see fit. IAFST will make no apologies, though, in the steadfast and soon-to-be well financed representation of our Membership. We have every intention of lobbying on behalf of Labor and to bring the cleansing effects of transparency into an Industry which has skulked in the shadows for far too long. For if we do not accomplish two primary goals; if we do not legally organize Labor and aggressively pursue lobbying, the reality is that after the next presidential election cycle this Industry will face the specter of price fixing and ultimately government takeover. IAFST errs on the side of caution and believes should this unthinkable intrusion take place; should the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wish to test its unchecked powers in conjunction with other agencies, IAFST would be prepared to actively engage the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Many may be both shocked and terrified by my previous sentence. The reality is that these discussions and many, many more are long overdue in this Industry. Candidly speaking, Eric Miller has, for years, disapproved of Labor ever organizing. Recently, his condemnation of the term Boots on the Ground, rose even the eyebrows of the most staunch supporters. IAFST makes no bones about the fact that it is time for Regime Change. IAFST stands united with those NAMFS Board Members whom are legitimate and adamantly opposed to the Legacy Supporters. The reality is that it is time for NAMFS to publicly embrace policies similar to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in that they allow for and investigate Ethics Complaints from Members and Non Members alike!  Make no mistake whatsoever that if this Industry does not begin to self regulate, we will be Regulated! I reiterate that IAFST has no agenda with respect to NAMFS; however, should they attempt another NPPG fiasco, there will be financial casualties — I believe EVERYONE IN THIS INDUSTRY now knows I do not bluff and I do have that power.

In conjunction with the aims and goals of IAFST, Foreclosurepedia will begin to curtail much of its rhetoric unless warranted. While I am loathe to commute the sentences of many within this Industry, the reality is that IAFST is far more important. In concert with Foreclosurepedia’s potential movement upon the radio airwaves, I realize that a united front must emerge which is palatable to both Management and Labor. I caution the mistaking of my kindness for weakness. I am cautiously optimistic, though, that Management will come to the conclusion that it is far better to have true Contractors; not Craigslist Crackheads whom simply have not been convicted of a crime yet, working on their Portfolios. I additionally believe that achieving dollar-for-dollar on their assets makes far better fiscal sense than continuing to pour sixty and seventy cents of every dollar down the bottomless pits of Order Mills.

IAFST is not ignorant in its belief that the aforementioned will be everyone’s cup of tea. IAFST is not looking to squander the talent of its Membership upon the Safeguard’s of the world. If Members join whom are entrenched with this type of inequitable bondage, we will still aggressively represent them; however, we will also look to create more equitable arrangements for them within the Industry.

IAFST’s ability to work in a bipartisan fashion will be its single most important trait. The reality is that, over time, shareholders will begin to understand the value of this type of relationship and this alone; the realization of profit, will ultimately thin both the herd of illegitimate hacks and Order Mills alike. I ask that each of you continue reading and contribute to the IAFST Cause!

International Association of Field Service Technicians

When Foreclosurepedia reaches out to its readership, hat in hand, and requests assistance, we make sure it is for a worthy cause. Unlike other media outlets in the Industry, Foreclosurepedia receives zero sponsorship and minimal donations. What allows us to continue our Mission is the kind and thoughtful donations from you, our Readers.

The International Association of Field Service Technicians(IAFST) was the genesis of the recent Florida FAST Conference hosted by Ironclad Preseration. It is an Association of Boots on the Ground Contractors and has bipartisan support from an assortment of Clients.

The IAFST is a worthy cause and one which those Contractors and Clients whom have benefited from Foreclosurepedia should contemplate donating to. In fact, those Contractors Foreclosurepedia assisted in getting paid and then went on their way ought to assist in this movement as opposed to turning their backs.

The reality is that everyone benefits from the IAFST; Management and Labor, as the first 180 days will be dedicated to the creation of a Board of Directors dedicated to the establishment of both White Papers addressing the Industry and presenting these to my associates within Congress.

If the entire Foreclosurepedia Nation donated $10, IAFST would be self sustaining for over a year. As many of those subscribing, perhaps around 24%, are actually Industry Order Mills, this would never happen. What can happen is that a handful of the Foreclosurepedia Nation could donate just $10 and IAFST could purchase a fitting theme and proper plugins to become viable. Foreclosurepedia donated the funds for a year’s worth of web hosting and is additionally donating all of the IT Security and custom coding.

Foreclosurepedia has not missed a prediction in this Industry since it has been in existence — it is going to get far worse. If Labor does not Organize, the Industry will be controlled by three (03) eventual Prime Vendors in the next several quarters.

Many of you out there reach out directly to Foreclosurepedia on a weekly basis to obtain personal advice with respect to the Industry. I have always kept that door open for you or anyone. I am not aware of a single phone call in the three years Foreclosurepedia has been operational that I have not personally handled — free of charge. My belief has always been that when information helps people they should reinvest a small portion of their gains back into the collective. Perhaps I am a dreamer; perhaps there are no Contractors left in this Industry.

I like to think that Ben Franklin, while sitting down with Washington, Jefferson, et al., stated, “If we do not all hang together, we damn well will hang separately.”

Foreclosurepedia asks those of you whom rely upon our information to step up to the plate TODAY. If we have helped you in the past, help us make the IAFST a REALITY! Whether it be simply a small donation or a large Endowment, do not turn your back on History and fulfill theMission of No Contractor Left Behind!

Why not have your message delivered to the nearly one thousand people whom rely upon the Foreclosurepedia Nation Newsletter weekly except have your message delivered as a Stand Alone Product? How about One Month of Free Advertising? For anyone donating $75 or more we will make either option available for FREE!

I thank each and all for your time and attention to the above and invite you to attend the inauguration of the IAFST Board of Directors February, 2015, at an RSVP Event.

Foreclosurepedia makes Donations easy and simple. You may either send a check or money order to:



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