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HUD Sets 11MAR14 As FOIA D Day

Alvera D. Crittendon, Acting Regional FOIA Public Liaison for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has set 11 March 2014 as D Day for HUDs answering of my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Control Number: 14-FI-RO4-00701 --- kinda. Here is what I mean,

My FOIA Request only requests a Confirmation or Denial that HUD has removed Asset Management Specialists (AMS) from the HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) III Field Service Management (FSM) Contract.

The FOIA Request originated on 28 January 2014 according to HUD although I submitted the Request on 27 January 2014. So, HUD buys a day there. Then they drug their heels 9 more days before they sent it to Atlanta. HUD then, disingenuously states that, "...the Atlanta Regional Office was closed due to inclement weather on February 11 - 13, 2014..." thus buying an additional three days.

Crittendon gets some credit, though, as I am sure that by now they have an Official Obama Administration Position with respect to how the are doing to deal with the mess.

Regardless, here is the status of the FOIA, Click Continue Reading To View ...

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