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HUD Pigeon Holes M&M 3.8 Until June 2015

As Foreclosurepedia predicted, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has backed off the blatantly fraudulent Awards issued under their 3.8 Marketing and Management (M&M) Contract — DU204SA-13-R-0004. Truth be known, I am hard pressed to identify any other M&M Award Cycle which had this level of overt fraud and conflict of interest. We are talking about FOUR HUNDRED PLUS MILLION DOLLARS in Contracts which appear to be just about as illegally awarded as I have ever seen! And make no mistake , we are going to track down the bank accounts of ALL OF THE HUD EMPLOYEES! I am going to rain down such a veritable storm of FOIA upon them that the tree huggers will have a picture of me on their dart boards for all of the virgin timber which will have to be slaughtered to process the paper pulp! The law is a two way street and as a pro se litigant whom has forgotten more law than most of these Beltway Hacks will learn in a lifetime, I am comfortable moving forward. Or, HUD can do the right thing and return the bribes and reaward the Contracts — See, HUD didn’t anticipate the blow back they got and there is a SHITLOAD MORE on the way! The below is from a High Level Source speaking on condition of anonymity,

The areas of 1P, 4P and 5P consist of the following states: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. […] We received word from HUD just yesterday that the start-up date on these contract area have been delayed until June 1, 2015.

Foreclosurepedia Is HIGHER THAN HUD On Google For HUD M&M 3.8!

Foreclosurepedia Controls Top Two Spots On Google Page One!
Foreclosurepedia Controls Top Two Spots On Google Page One!

Here is the reality, stalling until 01 June 2015 will change nothing with respect to the fact that Craig Karnes and his Procurement Law Division (PLD) are in a world of shit. As I see it, they got their collective dicks caught in the safe deposit door while stashing away the bribes. Perhaps the Office of the General Counsel ought initiate a thorough and proper investigation against the HUD Criminal Elements as opposed to fucking with the media like myself — touché there Simpson!

The length and breadth of the HUD M&M 3.8 Scandal was gargantuan. How in the fuck Karnes ever thought he was going to pull this shit off is beyond me. I mean hell, I reached out directly to PK Management and inquired about all of the nefarious undertakings they had going on with Lee Mertins, that limp wristed queen up in Pennsylvania over at Assero. More on point, I have no idea how the hell Eduardo San Roman thought he was going to bury all the fucking preconveyance work going on — oh, my bad, if you are Cubano then HUD or any other US Law doesn’t apply to you.

The battle lines are drawn. Karnes got the 3.6 off and refused to prosecute the plethora of criminal action that was brought to him including the forgeries within the P260. More on point, the Sealed Indictment which was brought to HUD and documented the millions upon millions of dollars in overcharges and obvious pay-to-play schemes and kickbacks to 5 Brothels, was something that Simpson could at least have fucking litigated upon and earned the tax dollars which I pay him. No, they told the US Attorney General to fuck off and HUD didn’t give two shits — as I hear on the bricks.

HUD is a cesspool for fraud and corruption. The brazen display by Karnes, et al., in the most recent Award Schemes, just reinforces the fact that we are dealing with 9 Families, by my count, whom are actively involved in an artifice and scheme which crosses state lines using electronic means. I mean how in the fuck do you turn down LEGITIMATE GODDAM SMALL BUSINESSES whom had real experience in the field and make your Awards to shell companies knowing that Liberty — or is that Michaelson, Conner & BoulBLM Companies and PK Management were all going to farm the Labor up to Mertins & Co.?! I mean didn’t anyone learn shit when Innotion got their balls handed to them by Klein which was the genesis of HUD

Let me tell you folks what is going on as I really don’t care anymore. This is Organized Crime. Now, before I begin to turn my attention over to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), I am going to take down Eduardo San Roman, his queen Mertins & Co., DeSilva over at IEI and Pedro. So, everyone else gets a plea bargain provided you stay the fuck out of my way. Here is my rationale,

What we are seeing is the rise of the new American Mafia. We have billion dollar contracts which HUD churns out to the same principal parties every couple of years. Oh, but wait! See, you have to sweeten the deal for the outgoing fraudsters so you put a hold on the M&M which infuses tens of millions of dollars into their coffers EACH FUCKING MONTH that they remain because they get the sweetheart carryover! Meyer Lansky, the quintessential Jewish Mobster Accountant, would blush at how it works today.

On the front end, you collude to control the large portfolios and then roll them down at about 14 cents on the dollar by the time they hit the Contractors. You gather under the umbrella of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime to price fix — no goddamn way in hell all prices changed at the same time everywhere — and then as NAMFS Regime Offender Members, you go ahead and just fucking refuse to pay people doubling and tripling the profit. By controlling the bids and then back billing them as well, it’s Bacchian in Epic Proportions. Anyone opens their mouth and you black ball them. Here is the latest sent to me an hour ago,


When you peel back all of the boilerplate legalese that even the Order Mills have no idea what it means, you get down to the brass tacks of racketeering. Look, the Mob has run the public bid sector for years. They control garbage trucks, the unions, construction — you name it. HUD and the Mortgage Field Services Industry was simply a natural extension. There is incontrovertible evidence that the Industry has transitioned into a cartel-type band of rogues all with a predominately Russian and Latin American flavor. One might ask why I didn’t toss Michael Breese into that pile. The main reason is that Breese is fundamentally just a pedestrian peddler. Nothing novel to his fucking of people; Breese reminds me of the sad, young boys we would always see in Southeast Asia during port-of-call hocking themselves not to the highest bidder, but to anyone whom might keep them warm and high for a moment.


See, that’s the deal. The epicenter of this fraud’s origination is Florida. When cocaine became a problem, people started to rethink the numbers rackets. Organized Crime realized that this was a no brainer! No one AND I MEAN NOT A SINGLE CONTRACTOR EVER has gone after ANYONE for monies owed! Hell, even the big time Order Mills over on Facebook parading around like peacocks are owed collectively millions of dollars and they are afraid to sue! Matter of fact, it wasn’t until I pushed and pushed the issue on Berghorst — that’s Heather Berghorst the fucking disgraced hag whom is the former NAMFS Regime Secretary whom is now being sued for embezzlement, larceny and fraud by ONLY TWO Contractors along with willful and malicious injury by 5/3 Bankcorp. I anticipate Altisource entering the fray VERY SOON!

It is truly a sad day in America when people are afraid to stand up and defend themselves. You have no idea how many calls I get from people and I turn them down now as they refuse to do jack shit. After 01 December 2014, the only ones I will assist will be IAFST Members as I no longer have the time to deal with them singularly.

On a lighter note, tomorrow I am going to begin to profile some Firms I have quietly been following and have been cautiously optimistic about. I believe that less than one tenth of one percent of the corpus I have hammered out has ever dealt with Quality Firms. Most of these are predominately W2 based entities; however, some are migrating that way. Regardless, they all have a multi state presence — AND THEY FUCKING PAY WITH SOME AS QUICK AS SEVEN DAYS! Does this mean that I am going over to work on IAFST Full Time? No, although Foreclosurepedia does go officially up for sale on 01 December 2014 — Time is main the reason, not Mafia Hits out on me as the guidos wouldn’t make it a mile into my county before they realized Deliverance wasn’t just a movie. We bring in a healthy Google AdSense Revenue and let’s not bullshit around, if everyone whom was on Page One of Google associated with Foreclosurepedia chipped in a buck, they would stop waking up at three am with a cold bead of sweat and the assholes puckered up so tight you can’t get stick pins in them. 😉  Millions of views and thousands of Members makes for a formidable negotiation strategy.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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