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Home Star Property Solutions Facing Imminent Bankruptcy

Home Star Property Solutions (HSPS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Member of the WORST CALIBER, is facing bankruptcy according to HSPS Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steve Hozie. Look, Foreclosurepedia has been covering the HSPS Trainwreck of Fraud for over a year now. At each and every step of the way, Eric Miller, the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR mouthpiece for the NAMFS Regime and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez have done everything humanly possible to ensure that not a single Member of Labor would ever be protected from the Predators whom comprise the Membership of the NAMFS Regime. I say this as both Miller and Farelo- Fernandez refuse to allow even the mention of the word Ethics Investigations to be uttered.

Thanks for taking my call today.  As I mentioned, I am working on behalf of the company to resolve issues without the aid of attorneys due to the company having very limited resources.

Please send me what you think you need to be paid to settle the AP between HSPS and your company.  The Homestar AP records I have receive from our accounting group are attached for your review.  Let’s compare notes and see if we can’t come to some reasonable settlement to clear up all matters. Keep in mind that Homestar Property Solutions is having severe liquidity issues and there is a strong possibility that the company will go bankrupt at some point and very limited resources, if any, would be available to
settle claims with general unsecured creditors.

My initial thoughts are that we offer you $6,500 [ON FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS OWED] because that is the amount if I omit the $7,000 of charges for contacting our clients (4 document incidences with Blue Mountain and 3 with Service Link).   The $1,000 penalty for each incidence of contacting our clients is in our work order agreements and provable in court, but there may be other items from your side to offset much of this, but hopefully you see that waiving the $7,000 penalty as a good faith offer to settle this matter.

I look forward to talking to you and discussing further.

Steve Hozie
Homestar Property Solutions
(803) 242-1221 cell

Michael Breese, the worthless sack of shit Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Energy REO Solutions and the listed CEO of HSPS was recently wining and dining at the IMN Conference out in Phoenix earlier this year — I am emphatic that Breese is a piece of shit as in my opinion you NEVER CONTINUE TO HIRE LABOR WHEN YOU CANNOT PAY THEM! Yeah, that’s the very same Conference where fuckstick Josh Sarchet, owner of Northsight Management was terrified to do what it took to successfully further the ONE THIRD OF A MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against Breese — Newsflash, if you work for Northsight, chances are VERY FUCKING GOOD you are never going to get paid at some point in time!


Foreclosurepedia just finished an interview with the Members of Labor whom filed liens against the homes held by Blue Mountain and Service Link along with some fucktard vulture capitalist financial group. Guess what? The liens stood in place! Yeah, the bullshit myth that those skirts keep telling you over on the Drive By Social Media are precisely that — myths! They keep attempting to dissuade Members of Labor from filing liens because most of them are Order Mills themselves! Stay tuned for the Foreclosurepedia Podcast up momentarily and more on this fast breaking story! And remember: Don’t say Foreclosurepedia didn’t tell you so nor that Foreclosurepedia was not the first to report upon yet another financial insolvency. As I said last year, 2015 will cripple the NAMFS Regime!


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