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Foreclosurepedia To Publish Google Fusion Map On Buczek Enterprises

In light of the hourly updates we are receiving from Contractors with specificity to the refusal of Buczek Enterprises to pay for services rendered upon foreclosed properties, Foreclosurepedia is going to Publish a Google Fusion Map populating the addresses including a Street View and Financial Institution holding the Mortgage in the Pop Up Bubble. We should be done with this map by the weekend and are doing this as a Public Service to better educate unsuspecting potential homeowners and investors. We would like to thank the Donations of several NAMFS Members whom have allowed us to earmark this Campaign and ultimately to extend this Project to include each and every property which has ever been reported to Foreclosurepedia.

Well, I started working for buczek in [redacted] and even after the 6 week period was up and I was suppose to receive my first check that came about 2 weeks late but I let it go thinking it might have been an honest mistake. Needless to say after that I had only received two checks on time. But now I’ve worked up to $5,006 worth of pay that I haven’t received any of for about 7-8 weeks now and haven’t been working the past 6-7 weeks because they have sent me nothing. Every time I call they never answer I email my contact point Ron Sankus he hardly ever responds and when he actually does I get promised my money will be sent out tomorrow it never happens he even promised to give me his own personal money if mine weren’t to be sent out. Still haven’t received anything Thursday was the last I have heard from him and I was told it would be sent out to me that day or Friday at the latest. Friday had come still nothing I tried emailing him several times got no response, I called multiple times and noticed the answering service had been changed and received no answers every time I called. At this point I am so far behind on bills because of this I could be evicted lose my truck and several other things I’m flat broke at this point. And to top it all off I have a 3 year old son and a pregnant girlfriend that is due any day now and no money for anything.

Thank you for your time and responding to me I really appreciate it.

Folks, you have to hand it to Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member. Buczek Enterprises and their Big Pockets Backer and Work Provider Altisource, a subsidiary of Ocwen are on track to ensure that the Clerks of Courts whom process Liens in dozens of jurisdictions will have job security for months to come!

The ISTAR Project is shifting gears into the new Fusion Project. Even if Google were to pull the plug on their API, we will have OSM as a back up. Contractors will be able to verify whether or not other Contractors have been defrauded upon a property and thus refuse to perform services upon it. As everything will be anonymous; as all data will stream with Open PGP centric encryption, it is the End Game.

We currently have tens of thousands of properties to enter so it will take a minute to get The ISTAR FUSION Project up and running. The reality is that regardless of whether or not NAMFS Regime Members want to pay Contractors, the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SELL the properties without lifting the Liens!

When we are done with our mapping project and it should be noted that we now have volunteers from several Hacktavist Organizations, there will never again be a home sold without the services of Contractors paid. This Project will be established so that both Consumers and Contractors alike may type in an address to find out whether or not the property in question has received the Final Authentication from Foreclosurepedia.


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