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EZinspections Offers Bill Credits After Network SNAFU

Canaries In The Coalmine May Not Be Enough

As Foreclosurepedia reported upon, last week, EZinspections had a veritable meltdown which impacted multiple users in the US. the Cliffs Notes version dealt with the inability of Inspectors in the field unable to upload photos through their smartphone app as we reported on here. The vast majority of issues were occurring on Android based phones so the presumption is that EZinspections missed an APK update — that is simply a presumption as EZinspections has chosen not to explain their mess. Additionally obscuring the thirty thousand foot view is that EZinspections has had a litany of issues plaguing their Software as a Service (SaaS). And while Yan Zang, EZinspections owner states that all of the issues are handled now, the problem is it cost Labor a lot of time and money. Here is what Zang had to say to Foreclosurepedia last week,

We received the reports over the weekend from both customer admins and inspectors, and worked hard to fix the issues ASAP. We also communicated updates to them as quickly as we could.

Whether it was in response to our reporting or simply an overwhelming tidal wave of complaints, Foreclosurepedia is pleased to report that EZinspections has offered credits — to some of their Clients — against work orders which failed to process in a manner in which EZinspections advertised. The operative words here, though, are some of their Clients. To that point, we are including a questionnaire, at the bottom of the article, for those whom have Claims to submit and we will accordingly forward over to EZinspections. You will note that we are also gathering information with respect to issues which you may be encountering with respect to workflow. We are hopeful that EZinspections will honor refunds to everyone — Minority Females and Labor alike — and not simply their Top Tier financial supporters.

The EZinspections fiasco is the canary in the coalmine. When — not if — the volumes increase in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, the back of the envelope coding practices exhibited over the past week will explode like a nuclear bomb.

See, that is the problem. At the end of the day everyone — Management and Labor alike — are terrified to discuss the extremely shaky underpinnings of how work orders move to and fro. And for those whom do, it is cancel culture extraordinaire. I have never quite understood that. If I buy a TV from WalMart and it doesn’t work, I am not going to hide in a corner like a Gollum, in Lord of the Rings, bemoaning my loss. When I buy TurboTax — as a better example, and it doesn’t work, I sure am not going to remain silent! And after speaking with multiple C Level people, the consensus is that Labor needs to step up to the plate in order to sound the alarm like canaries. Otherwise, you end up with catastrophic collapse and in the coming months no one can afford that.

EZinspections Claims

Claims Against EZinspections

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Please list any and all issues experienced causing workflow problems.

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