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Extreme Vetting: Aspen Grove Is The Mogadishu DMV

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is always on the losing end of technology. Apparently, meteorology is not their strong suit either. Throughout the Southeast, foreclosed properties are already overran by weeds and tall grass. From Virginia to Kentucky; from Tennessee to Georgia; the fact of the matter is that the belief that there is a set time to cut the grass is no longer valid. To put this into perspective, as early as September, 2016, scientists had indicated a La Niña-like effect lingering throughout the winter in the United States. In fact, the Climate Prediction Center at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction NOAA/National Weather Service in College Park, MD, has been pretty accurate in their information as the graphic to the right shows. And it is in this same train of thought that I would like to expound upon precisely how NAMFS continues to invest its membership funds and force others to involuntarily participate in voodoo compliance modalities and put forward snake oil technology which even lags behind the Mogadishu DMV.

Order Mills like Laudan Properties, whom illegally performs US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) work orders for CWIS, the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.8 Prime Vendor, is simply another extension of how NAMFS not only hinders technological advancement, but continues to award mediocrity as opposed to excellence and hard work. Laudan Properties has also been identified as on a fast track towards being another Birdsey Group with respect to Altisource work order distribution and order milling.

The sad reality is that Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director, has made a career out of living off of other people. Miller’s NAMFS salary is $122,215 which consumes over seventy five percent of all NAMFS member dues. When taken by way of comparison to the fact that NAMFS only has $27,403 in their coffers according to their most recent IRS Form 990 filing. The IRS Form 990 is an annual information return that most organizations claiming federal tax-exempt status must file yearly. For years, Eric Miller has mismanaged NAMFS funds and has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in his lock step to maintain an all white NAMFS Board of Directors. When we look at the NAMFS IRS 990s from FY 2012 through its most current version, Eric Miller has spent nearly One Million Dollars and has only made a bit over four thousand. Now, I am not an economics professor; however, when I look at the staggering losses over the past five years, it is rather elementary to deduce the fact that the exportation of NAMFS racism is not being well received by Main Street. When one looks at the most recent donation, on the right, of a non profit organization representing Hispanics earmarking for the sole purpose of exposing NAMFS and its mistreatment of Minority Females and Labor, I believe that the record speaks for itself. And it isn’t simply that non profit organizations are beginning to see the unhealthy effects of allowing racially driven financial terrorism to impact our Minority communities. The reality is that when we, as a society, allow Eric Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors to discriminate against Minority Females and Labor; when we tolerate this institutionally sponsored racial discrimination, we are saying that none will stand up and against that which our forefathers stood against. And as Eric Miller gathers his white supremacist thugs at the NAMFS Leadership Conference in Texas next month, NAMFS must be met head on. When we, as an Industry, continue to pretend that economic hitmen, like Eric Miller and his fellow NAMFS Board and Committee members, are not destroying the lives of innocent women and children with a heavy emphasis upon Minority Females, we have lost our way.

To penetrate the noise of that which is constantly being emitted from the NAMFS Twitter feed, the reality is we need to better discern precisely what Eric Miller is doing 40 hours per week, 50+ weeks a year. A simple Google Search reveals that for the entirety of 2016, Miller initiated ZERO white papers. In fact, only one white paper, with typos, was issued in the past five years and that was in 2014. When you type NAMFS WHITE PAPER into Google, you will find the solitary NAMFS white paper and TWO Foreclosurepedia articles under that search term.

Interlocking corporate directorships. That is a mouthful. When you look at how a NAMFS member begins to crank up the fraud and go out of business, though, you find them at another NAMFS company very soon. Early on, as we saw the implosion of financial, real estate, and title firms, we saw those same people popping up all over the leadership slots within NAMFS companies. Take National Field Network (NFN) and the movement of Shari Nott from First American over to NFN. After Nott took over she bankrupted out Buczek Enterprises which, in turn, caused nearly $1.3 Million in fraud against Minority Females and Labor. Now, NFN, after being protected by Eric Miller, has laid off nearly all of their office staff and taken Labor for another ride for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take a look at LPS and the movement into some of the bigger players in NAMFS, most especially ASONS, whom paid those whom came over six figures apiece for watering down scorecards. Take a look at Eric Miller himself whom in the end days of LPS came onboard as the NAMFS Executive Director at six figures.

The rationalization of Eric Miller’s willful refusal to address the criminals in his ranks emboldens those whom are additionally operating at his behest such as the NAMFS Government Relations Committee. Eventually Miller’s actions, which are unquestioned by either the NAMFS Board of Directors or their Committees, lie around, like a loaded gun, awaiting future discharge without need for justification.

Eric Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors have, for years, demonstrated their deeply seated hatred for Minority Females and Labor. Never, in the entire history of NAMFS, has an African American been seated on the NAMFS Board of Directors. And Miller’s push to economically disenfranchise the Minority Community in order to enrich his all white NAMFS Board of Directors is best illustrated by his refusal to publicly condemn those white firms such as Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises, ASONS, CWIS, and, NFN, and others is only underscored by Miller’s Bronze Level supporter, Carol Boyd whom defrauded wartime injured military veterans and fireman only several years back.

The narrative which Eric Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors would like everyone to hear is that they are working with Minority Females and Labor to better their lot. Miller, et al., though, are actually pushing a Redemption movement in a Reconstructionist Era. For years, the decay and rot which has pinned the foundations of NAMFS has been kept hidden from the American Public. Today, it is on display in the racist, fraud inducing mannerisms which have been accepted for far too long.

Eric Miller and his White Nationalists at NAMFS need to take a moment to reflect upon whom they actually work for like financial institutions and the US Government. Neither the banks nor the government exist to provide work for Miller and his Nazis like Robert Klein. When NAMFS members refuse to begin to cut grass when it is needed, they not only violate the contracts which they currently have, they continue to contribute to the injuries ongoing of millions of people whom own homes next to the foreclosures themselves.

How might Minority Females and Labor start a conversation on moral and social norms when an all white NAMFS Board of Directors refuse to allow such? Whenever Minority Females and Labor object to the fraud committed against they by Eric Miller and his white supremacists, they are black balled and loose everything that they have. While Eric Miller demands absolute, lockstep obedience and threatens litigation against those whom might march against he, the reality is that non violent protest is the last remaining course of action to bring awareness.

Oh, and about those grass cuts which should have already been ordered? Yeah, not happening as that would cut into the profit margins and to hell with the contracts which National Order Mills signed.

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