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This entry is part 12 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire


This entry is part 12 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire

Eric Miller the Executive Director of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS)  was running scared recently. Over on, the Eden, Reidsville and Madison addition, they are finally coming to their senses and beginning to report upon that which Foreclosurepedia brought to light as early as October, 2015. In fact, as early as 2012, Foreclosurepedia spoke with several highly influential NAMFS Board Members and voiced concern vis-vis Snow and Snow Enterprises’ undue influence upon multiple Prime Vendors. Eric Miller was one of those I had the pleasure of opining to with respect to the illegalities of both Snow and his gargantuan vampire squid empire. Rockingham Now, the Eden Reidsville Madison Edition, is reporting that they attempted to reach out to Eric Miller for comment was too busy or too scared to reply. While Miller seems to have absolutely no problems harassing and intimidating the honorable men and women of Labor it would seem that he does not want to have any conversations about the worthless sack of shit whom has proverbially dined at his table and nearly all US Department of Housing and and Urban Development (HUD) M&M Prime vendors.

Margaret Moffitt over it to related precisely what kind of concern the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and Eric Miller has for those innocent victims down in North Carolina., that is Sunday, January 24th, 2016, on on precisely what kind of hack Miller is. Miller  Eric Miller is. Here, let me give you the quote which Moffet ran yesterday,

It’s unclear where Snow’s companies fit into that world. Eric Miller of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services didn’t respond to questions. None of Snow’s companies we found are listed as members of NAMFS on its website, which says it’s the industry’s largest trade association.

You know, when the media attempts to reach out to find out about people like this and how the Mortgage Field Services is ran, the Oldest Trade Association ought to have the ability to pick up the phone. The same way, though, that Miller rolled into the Florida FAST inaugural Convention and both he and then NAMFS Vice President Adriana Farelo-Fernandez nearly tripped over each other getting out of their business outfits and into shorts for Miller and extremely tight jeans for Farelo-Fernandez; the same way they both loaded up in the car Miller rented to drive in Deland, FL, is the same way that these two bit hacks are eventually going to eventually either end up in prison or end up as yet another statistic on the evening news.

Miller had and still has a duty is duty to return those calls. It is well and good that Miller wants to be a bitch at home and abroad, but the reality is that his fucking salary is at the leisure of the American Taxpayer. And make no mistake on something: FORECLOSUREPEDIA WILL EVENTUALLY DOCUMENT THE NEXUS BETWEEN HE AND MICKEY DALE SNOW. You see, that is where Foreclosurepedia is light years ahead of not only the Industry but most of those hocking their wares out on the NAMFS Conference Floor. Three years ago I brought this up with Miller and the rest of his cronies and three years ago they all told me to fuck off.

Anon Office

You see on the one hand, NAMFS parades around as if their IRS 501(c)(6) non profit business league status makes them omniscient; that it is a license to fuck anyone at any time. Well, now it would appear that folks like Moffet and others are extremely intertested in how Eric Miller and the rest of his cronies in Florida and California are raking in the copious amounts of lucre and yet never paying Labor let alone the Temple Tax.

I am sending over a large package this week to Moffet and the rest of her bean counters. We are going to talk about things like precisely how The Big Five, two of which have sold off to other entities, shaped the perfect environment for rape — the two girls in North Carolina weren’t the only ones in the Industry.

And let us not bullshit around Eric Miller has been enriching himself and his family for years now at the expense of the NAMFS Rank and File.

You see, the dirty little secret is the fact that even though NAMFS has been hemorrhaging both Membership and cash, Miller’s pay has increased by nearly TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR! As a matter of fact, Miller’s pay now consumes nearly SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES. You see, that is the dirty little secret that Miller does not want out on front street. The salient fact that Snow is merely a product of everything Miller has attempted to keep hidden much like a sexual predator attempts to unduly influence their victims.

While I applaud the Drive By Media’s day late and dollar short investigation of Mickey Snow the fact of the matter is that had the HUD Prime Vendors whom employed Snow and Snow Enterprises performed a background check upon him, perhaps the two innocent victims in Rockingham County might still be living in a far different world.  Foreclosurepedia was reporting as early as October, 2015, the fact that Snow was a convicted felon. We established the fact that he was convicted of arson; we established the fact that he was involved in the authorization and execution of nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in bribes to HMBI proxies. My hat’s off to Margaret Maupin, over at, for actually beginning to take a closer look at how the Mortgage Field Services Industry actually runs. Now, while it took the Drive By Media nearly four months longer than Foreclosurepedia to report upon the real issues, the reality is that they are finally doing so.

And while Maupin is talking about a small donation to an inconsequential race, Foreclosurepedia is taking a hard look at the Rockingham County Prosecuting Attorney, Craig Blitzer. We filed NC Freedom of Information Act requests with Tina Cardwell, the Rockingham County Board of Elections Director to obtain copies of Blitzer’s Campaign Finance Information for the 2014 Election. Cardwell has neither responded to nor delivered such as of the time of this writing.

One thing is for certain, though, Foreclosurepedia is going to connect the dots between Miller and Mickey Dale Snow. No way in hell did Snow lasso the inordinate number of NAMFS Members which he did — The $800,000+ in bribes to HMBI representatives comes to mind — and Miller didn’t ever have a single correspondence with Snow.

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