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Edgemark Solutions: The Worst Company In The Industry!

Edgemark Solutions Becomes The Worst Industry Company ... Ever!

Avoid them like the Plague! If you want the full details on why, simply continue reading! Look, Scottsdale has always been the hotspot for horrific companies going all the way back to the former ASONS owner and founder Milan Thompson’s Dynamic Duo of Steve Johnson and Josh Sarchet — whom combined together to form Northsight Management — it was no surprise to find Edgemark Solutions out trolling the gutter. That has always been the tactics: Create a contract a mile long with legalese that no normal person would read and then slam them with insane fees. And Edgemark Solutions has that act down pat!

Here is how it starts: ambiguity. Let’s take a look at how Edgemark Solutions sticks it to Labor with their arbitrary and capricious language — See there Kevin McGrath, Felix Diaz, and Summer Scully how I have a copy of the same dictionary? And this is direct from their most recent contract,

      • ES may review Subcontractor’s performance at any time to determine whether it meets applicable standards;
      • ES in its sole discretion may determine whether Subcontractor has met applicable standards;
      • ES may in its sole discretion review Subcontractor’s work to determine whether Subcontractor remedied substandard work as requested.

So, no matter what you do Edgemark Solutions (ES) gets to determine if you did it right and you get paid. Period. Let’s dig deeper, though. Because that $5 inspection might end up costing you hundreds of dollars — and that is NOT a typo!

      • ES shall determine whether Subcontractor has remedied substandard work and shall have the right to deduct from any invoice submitted by Subcontractor: (a) a service charge of $50.00; (b) the costs ES incurred to correct the substandard work; and, (c) payments made to Subcontractor for the original work.

So, let’s talk a little bit about how much money you have to pay ES to even do the work order. Oh yes, this is a real thing!

      • Subcontractor will be charged a weekly PPW Access Fee in the amount of $6.25.

And even though you are paying for that PPW access, you have ZERO legal right to access it if ES decides to cut you out of the loop,

      • Although ES provides access to all Subcontractors’ photos and invoices through PPW, it is the Subcontractors’ responsibility to save and retain all data including but not limited to: invoice amounts; addresses; work order numbers; photos of work completed; and dates completed. ES shall have no obligation to retain data Subcontractor submits to ES. ES may require the Subcontractor to resubmit photos at no additional cost to ES.

It gets better, though, check out the ES Policy on Late Orders. And remember ALL of these Order Mills absolutely love to send you late orders to complete,

      • 1 day late – $5 or 10% reduction of payment, whichever is greater;
      • 2 days late –$10 or 20% reduction of payment, whichever is greater; and
      • 3 days late or more– $20 or 30% reduction of payment, whichever is greater.

Dozens more reasons to stay the fuck away from Felix Diaz, Summer Scully and the rest of the money grubbing hacks over at Edgemark Solutions. In three words:  Fuck Edgemark Solutions! They are simply the personification of Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

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