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DSNews Trumpets $2.6 Trillion YoY Housing Valuations

DSNews Needs To Deliver News Once In Awhile

Demetria C. Lester is a reporter for DS News and MReport magazines — both with the same parent and angle — with more than eight years of writing experience according to her DSNews profile at the bottom of today’s pandering piece for the NAR. In an article entitled, U.S. Housing Market Value Surges More Than $2.6T YoY, it is obvious that the NAR — and Five Star or is it the Five Star Institute as it is all oh so confusing anymore — Lester seems to be on antidepressants as the article flip flops so much like an article drafted from AI. White rich men, from north of Richmond as we used to say. To that point, Lester starts off with two dog whistle terms in the opening salvo — rebounded significantly and slight downturn — addressing the incredible resilience of the real estate sector— see there is a new dog whistle for Lester. Actually, it is all bullshit and Lester, though she may not realize it, is merely a cog in the wheel for algorithmic journalism which targets both the markets and their constant companion, the dark pools.

Let’s break down, in the way that only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of. The first paragraph a bit deeper, shall we? Here is what CNN had to say in an updated 19 July 2023 article,

Single‐family housing starts, which account for most of the building, fell 7% in June from the revised May figure, at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 935,000. Multi-family starts, with five units or more, went down by 11.6% to 482,000.

So, if 7% and 11.6% respectively are only a slight downturn, according to Lester, then I would hate to see a full blown routing of the market. And according to a Bankrate article published on 23 September 2023, that other dog whistle of rebounded significantly, is yet more blue skying from a woman whom obviously has never lived in the real world,

Existing-home sales in August fell 0.7 percent from July, according to the National Association of Realtors. It’s a 15.3 percent decline from one year ago.

The scary takeaway here is not that Lester must have a close, personal relationship with Bard and ChatGPT, but, moreover, how hard the sugar high crash of cheap money is going to be real very, VERY soon! Look, I know a lot of you Realtors read what I write and what you need to understand is that this is Gabriel blowing on his Torricelli’s trumpet. Here is what I mean, quoting Lester again,

Of the six markets in which housing has gained the most value since the start of the pandemic, four are in Florida: Tampa (+88.9%), Miami (+86.6%), Jacksonville (+82.4%), and Orlando (+72.3%). Florida now surpasses New York as the state with the second-most-valuable housing market.

Hmnn, Florida. At the end of 2011, Nevada and Florida were hardest hit, with price declines in excess of 40% and lots of foreclosures. California and the rest of the Sand Belt followed along for the ride. So, that $2.6 Trillion in gains YoY should be the canary in the coal mine that no one wants to talk about. And interest? That shit ain’t going anywhere for a very long time. Combine that with another Iraq gearing up in Ukraine — neither of the octogenarians running for the Presidency will extricate the armaments industry from there — along with an El Niño of epic proportions getting ready to hit with a vengeance and a stock market with no reflection of the Street, you are rolling out a perfect storm.

Still have doubts? Let me lay it out in terms both sides of the aisle can understand. We are poised for a government shutdown because no one can bitch slap the hard right — yeah I see a Chaturbate channel Disney themed there based out of the Third Congressional District of Colorado — the reality is that the rest of the world is finally coming out of the COVID free money hangover. Rishi Sunak is the PM over across the Pond. Fact of the matter is that he represents middle-of-the-road politics in the Conservative Party. Here is what The Guardian had to say a couple of days ago,

Rishi Sunak has announced a major U-turn on the government’s climate commitments as he promised to put his party on a more radical path in an attempt to close the gap with Labour before the next general election. In one of his biggest policy changes since taking office, Sunak confirmed the UK would push back the deadline for selling new petrol and diesel cars and the phasing out of gas boilers, prompting furious condemnation from the automobile and energy industries.

Net Carbon Zero emissions is, has been, and always will be complete and total bullshit and fuck you Al Gore — he lives in my state with a $30,000+ monthly power bill, by the way. See, remember that El Niño coming with a vengeance this winter? Yeah, I’ll be burning coal while the environmentalists are scraping the ice off those windmills. And to that point, here are some interesting facts about all of that fucked up investment from a New York television station, that bastion of Bloomburgism which is a mental disease,

Wind turbine blades are a composite material made of fiberglass. We can recycle fiberglass, but it is not cost-effective to do so. The life span of a blade is approximately 20 years. By 2050, we’ll dump over two million tons of wind turbine blades in U.S. landfills annually.

It ranks up there with the EV assholes and the bicycle lanes which are nothing more than Orwellian fantasy. Fuck the environmental catastrophe and why moon rovers are tested in the complete dead land from lithium mining in Sudbury, Canada, simply take a read from Reddit for what is coming to a country near you, soon,

Single occupancy transportation is not a climate solution. EVs are not a climate solution. Production, materials, and energy use over the lifetime is not feasible if it is replicated for everyone. It is not clear they can even be made without carbon energy and input. Scarcity means we need to aim for sufficiency in essential services. And no one will agree if others aren’t held to the same standard.

You see, in less that 1,000 words, I have proven that the information produced by Lester is algorithmically rigged. And I get it, Five Star must pander to the NAR for advertising and getting quality, thought provoking journalism, which pays by the linear inch, is all but impossible unless you own your own Newswire like I do. That is why I appreciate the Donations as they help buy the Scotch and Pepto I consume, by the gallon, to bring the truth to the Foreclosurepedia Nation each and every day!

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