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Digital Matrix Group Makes Huge Strides on Industry Websites

Digital Matrix Group Leads the Charge on Web Development and Security

In a recently released report by the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), nearly 60% of all Industry websites were insecure when it came from a penetration testing point-of-view. Most startling was the fact that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) was insecure when it came to PHP versioning. Building on that, most of the NAMFS Board Members who held personally owned websites reviewed were spewing invitations for hackers much like the recent Soyuz capsule uncontrollably leaking since mid December. And in a time where Mr Cooper, Fidelity Financial, ServiceLink, LoanCare, and the recent HUD M&M FSM Awardee JGM Property Group have been hacked based upon their refusal to properly maintain updates and security, US government agencies are poised to take direct action.

Digital Matrix Group has been working with firms for over a decade now towards a more secure internet where simple, affordable changes result in both security and added benefits. Early on, when the massive hack had hit GoDaddy and the US government through the Microsoft Outlook tokens breach, Digital Matrix Group was already navigating firms out of harm’s way. The unique challenge was that GoDaddy runs their own, locked in version of the email and storage platform. A script was created to move enormous email accounts out of the GoDaddy/Microsoft servers, convert the code from Microsoft to Google Workspace on the fly, and safely navigate them into new servers hosted elsewhere. Even more impressive was the fact that by partnering many firms with AWS, Digital Matrix Group was able to get their website hosting for free for two years.

Technology only available to Prime Vendors previously is open to all thanks to light years of advancements. Take, for example, the website above. The lack of https — hypertext transfer protocol — is free today everywhere except GoDaddy. There is absolutely no reason to unsafely host a website, but it is even worse to do it when you are a NAMFS Board Member. If the website is insecure, you can bet your bottom dollar that the entire administrative apparatus should be called into question.

Digital Matrix Group specializes in the creation of secure digital infrastructures based upon tried and true, free software. Take WordPress, for example. WordPress runs 43.1% of the ENTIRE Internet. Here is a deeper dive,

    1. 63.65 million WordPress websites are there worldwide as of 2024.
    2. As we get into 2024, WordPress websites rule 44% of the internet.
    3. 97% of bloggers use WordPress as we begin with 2024.
    4. 69% of the users use WordPress as the content management system for their website.
    5. 60,000 free plugins are available on WordPress.
    6. 43% of the market share of the websites belongs to WordPress.
    7. As of 2021, 65.1% of websites use WordPress as the content management system.
    8. WordPress owns 64.3% of the global CMS market share.

That’s right! Some food for thought, in our Industry nearly 82% of all websites are based upon WordPress — and it is free! Other than the expense of creating your content itself — e.g.; your photos, information about your firm, etc. — Digital Matrix Group can get you up and running with two years of free hosting for — you guessed itFREE! They are not a huge firm, handing off work to India, but rather a hands on, US based firm operating in a boutique fashion to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price. And for those of you in our Industry, the professionals over at Digital Matrix Group have all worked in the Industry, previously.

Whether it be a new website based on WordPress, an internal wiki based upon Wikipedia using MediaWiki, or utilizing Artificial Intelligence just like most of the Prime Vendors do today, Digital Matrix Group is there for you. When it comes to the deployment of AI, Digital Matrix Group hosts nearly 35,000+ Contractor records including Name, Company Name, Email, Phone Number and Qualifications available for purchase, as well. In addition, Digital Matrix Group provides business intelligence for contract opportunities including direct to financial institutions, direct to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or direct to hedge fund acquisitions.

Reach out today to Digital Matrix Group and if you use the FCPD discount code, they will give you 25% off for all new accounts.

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