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Delivery On Demand During COVID

Pushed For Time Or Worried About Contagion? These Firms Are Waiting To Help!

So, just a brief article on the subject as I have had occasion to utilize a few services during COVID. I receive no compensation from any of these firms; however, the have proven to be stellar with respect to services. And I will tell you from both a moral as well as repeat customer point-of-view, tip 20% or more. These people are working hard and many of them have transitioned into a new setting wherein one or both members of the household are unemployed.

PikFly is a delivery service for alcohol and other items in a few metro areas. From jump, I will say that the modest increase in price versus the costs of a DUI are well worth it! Generally speaking, PikFly got my delivery to me in about an hour. I was able to get a half gallon of bourbon, 12 pack of Coke, and 4 Street Tacos — yes, many of the purveyors have food and grocery items as well as other sundries depending upon your town — for about $55 including the 20% tip.

Amazon Fresh is a product of Amazon and is really kind of interesting. They have a smaller array of grocery items including household items, medicine, and fresh produce. Anything over $35 has free delivery. The packaging of the products is bizarre in that all the bags are the regular paper grocery store bags from yesteryear. To that point, one bag may have a bunch of stuff in it and you get another one with only one or two items. So, if you are  environmentally conscious, it may not be for you. Usually, you need to have an order in by noon to get it the same day. There also wasn’t an area for me to add a tip. I inquired of the driver and he told me that they all received a base salary plus ten percent of the order. That may only be true in the area I am in, though.

Sam’s Club via InstaCart is a delivery I just received today, as a matter of fact. The experience was more like that of a concierge at a high class resort. Virtually everything Sam’s Club has, they will deliver. A unique individual actually does your shopping for you. In our case, they texted back and forth, with pictures, when a better deal was found or to clarify. It was very high touch and I was extremely pleased with it.

With respect to the other, one off, providers such as UberEats, GrubHub, and otherwise, it has always been a shot in the dark. I will say that over the past several months, all of the meal providers have added on restaurants you normally wouldn’t be able to get delivered. To that point, there is also an enormous trend in the ghost kitchen business. If you are not familiar with this, here is an incredible article on the trend which I find fascinating.

So, no matter how you are operating during COVID, the reality is that the pandemic has certainly brought us new and incredible options for concierge deliveries of everything under the sun.

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