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Buczek Enterprises Fraud Map Gets Dedeicated Website

Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, recently got an Update — literally. Thanks to the Donations of fellow Contractors, Foreclosurepedia was able to create a Mortgage Field Services Industry Website Dedicated to the tracking of Fraud against Contractors. It is aptly named Property Baggage.

Property Baggage will eventually have a dedicated Mapping System of all Residential and Commercial Properties which have Potential Contractor Liens. It will not stop there, though. We are currently incorporating advanced Application Programing Interface (API) technology to incorporate other issues such as Fixture Liens, Outstanding Utility Bills, Potential Home Owner’s Association Liens and such. Property Baggage will also begin to document Residential and Commercial Properties with Potential Mold — commonly referred to as Discoloration — asbestos and other Toxic and Noxious issues.

While we will initially populate Property Baggage with well over thirty six thousand residential properties within the United States which have Potential Contractor Liens. Eventually, Contractors will be able to enter their own data through an easy-to-use interface. Once the data has been verified, it will appear on Property Baggage.

Property Baggage will become the Premiere, One Stop Shop, for performing Due Diligence upon a Residential and Commercial Property; Domestic and International.

The days of Home Buyers and Investors being held hostage to Potential Liens and Outstanding Bills are over! Additionally, the leveraged power of both Foreclosurepedia and Property Baggage will be brought to bear upon forcing both Portfolio Holders and Financial Institutions to make whole those whom have been impacted in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In essence, when ANYONE types in an address into Google or any other Search Engine, if that address matches one found in Property Baggage‘s Database it will appear UNDERNEATH THE ZILLOW LISTING, ON PAGE ONE, OF THE SEARCH ENGINE! Real Estate sales will grind to a halt when we are done for those whom attempt to circumvent the laws, rules and regulations which protect law abiding citizens.

Sustainability and Objectivity are the two priorities in this Foreclosurepedia Media Institute Project. For Sustainability, Contractors or other interested parties, will pay a Filing Fee of One to Three dollars per property. A FAR CRY from the hundreds of dollars many jurisdictions require for Liens. As opposed to simply a database of listings; a database with no teeth, Property Baggage will incorporate the same proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proprietary formula which Foreclosurepedia has so successfully implemented.

We are already receiving Reports from the Field of Pending Contracts being removed with Brokers based upon our Patent Pending Technology. Property Baggage, though, is not simply a Ripoff Report — and we LOVE Ripoff Report! We take the time to Document the information we receive, assign an anonymous ID System to Contractors and others whom enter data (much like the health care industry) and we will REF– USE to remove any Potential Lien Information without following a rigorous procedure and payment.

While the entry of information into Property Baggage is relatively easy and the Entry of Potential Contractor Liens simply require a Copy of the Contract between Contractor and Order Mill; a Spreadsheet containing the Work Order Number, Address, Services Performed, Date Performed and Amount Owed in either Excel, Open Document or similar Open Source format. The Removal of Information is far more difficult. We feel that this will prevent Strong Arming Tactics which are commonplace in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The Removal of Potential Contractor Liens requires a Notarized Affidavit of Payment which matches the information we have on file for the Contractor. The fee is currently projected to be $29.95 and will go towards both Sustainability, Research and Development (R&D). The added benefit of that which Property Baggage will do is that either Party AND Potential Home Buyers or Investors will have access to this Archived Data in Real Time! Much like how the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) functions, so will Property Baggage.

Property Baggage is currently seeking Investors and Volunteers. We are fast tracking a CrowdSource and CrowdFund type endeavor. Additionally, as all of our data will stream through the Cloud, we are always looking for new talent familiar with WordPress, MediaWiki, PHP and Mobile Application Development Skill Sets! Feel free to reach out to us today!

Property Baggage Limited Scope Display Based Upon Given Parameters
Property Baggage Limited Scope Display Based Upon Given Parameters

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