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Buczek Enterprises: Another NAMFS Regime Member Gone

BREAKING NEWS: Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member and sympathizer, has closed its doors for all intents and purposes. We will have complete details this evening. For quite sometime now, Buczek Enterprises has been either unwilling or unable to pay Contractors and now it would appear that the hatchet has fallen. We are never wrong in our predictions and this is yet another of the multiple NAMFS Regime Members whom are laying the responsibility of bad business practices squarely upon the shoulders of Contractors.

ISTAR Members were alerted to this eventuality almost a month and a half ago and by in large are unaffected. For those Contractors left to pick up the pieces we wish them the best — the reality is that they will continue to buy the NAMFS Regime Party Line and hope to be paid and tighten their belt even more so that the NAMFS Regime Fraud Festival in Texas has a steady supply of liquor this week.

Buczek Enterprises gave Contractors fourteen hours notice to upload ALL OUTSTANDING WORK. Foreclosurepedia would recommend that Contractors IMMEDIATELY OBTAIN LEGAL COUNSEL AND BEGIN TO LIEN all outstanding debts owed by Buczek Enterprises and their Clients. We will gladly assist and consult to anyone whom needs assistance. Buczek Enterprises states in an email obtained by Foreclosurepedia,

We will actively pursue all outstanding open invoices and expect to be paid per our contractual agreement for services provided and invoiced.

Everyone knows what that means. Contractors should be advised about ACA Asset Management out of Texas as well! We will release the entire email this evening. The reality is that Contractors will be screwed before Adam and Amanda Buczek are. The further reality is that Buczek Enterprises has been loathe to enter into litigation against those whom owe well over $600,000 by conservative estimates.

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