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Billions In COVID Bonuses Paid Out But Not A Penny From NAMFS Members To Labor

HUD Speaks About COVID Vaccines

Virtually all US Companies, other than National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members, have paid out billions of dollars to employees and independent contractors during the COVID pandemic. In fact, billions of dollars more were just announced in the latest round reported by CNBC. Target, a nationwide retailer, just announced their fifth round of bonuses in addition to accelerating minimum wage pay to $15 an hour. By way of comparison, NAMFS members, whom have been the recipients of tens of millions of dollars of PPP Loans and SBA EIDL, have fought tooth and nail against any form of compensation during COVID to their misclassified employees.

While NAMFS members raked in hundreds of millions of dollars on mortgage field services industry contracts, during the COVID pandemic, not a single penny was allocated to protect their misclassified employees. This speaks volumes with respect to the inordinate amount of greed and lack of human compassion with respect to the Inspectors and Field Service Technicians whom enrich them daily.

One of the simplest things NAMFS members could have done is lobby for the vaccination of their workforce. All NAMFS members including ServiceLink, ZVN Properties, and Sentinel Field Services gladly labeled those in the field as Essential Workers. They willingly placed them in harm’s way and cast danger to the wind when it came to protecting the American Public by and through having zero COVID testing available. And now that a vaccine is available, those very same NAMFS members have continued to remain silent with respect to getting Inspectors and Field Service Technicians inoculated against COVID.

A Senior US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Official, speaking on condition of anonymity, had this to say about COVID vaccinations for Inspectors and Field Service Technicians,

The M&M contracts are considered essential to HUD, and were not ordered to stop work during the pandemic.  As such, it may qualify contractor employees/subcontractors access to early vaccinations.  As you know, state laws differ in regard to the vaccination rollouts, so it likely will not be uniform across the board.  For instance, here in Georgia, the only essential employees currently receiving the vaccine are healthcare workers.  I would ask that qualifying individuals follow any state/local regulations regarding registering for the vaccine, and if open to all essential workers, then they would likely qualify.

To the point of Target, here is what happens when you appreciate those whom work for you,

Target shares have risen 66% over the past year, bringing its market value to $96.1 billion. Analysts expect the company in early March to report fiscal 2020 earnings of $9.22 per share on sales of $92.71 billion, according to a survey by Refinitiv.

NAMFS members have never really figured that out, though. Their working theory appears to have always been bottom barrel pricing coupled with clawing back that money through a process of chargebacks. Even in the best of times, NAMFS member’s actions are reprehensible — during COVID they are unconscionable.

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