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As Predicated Cost Of Polycarbonate Boarding Rises

BREAKING NEWS:  Invisiboard, owned by Cyprexx, and forced upon Contractors as product of choice, has raised their pricing according to an Invisiboard Press Release today, issued by Cyprexx,

InvisiBoard is the leading industry patented Installation alternative to plywood. Unfortunately, the wholesale price and supply of polycarbonate has come under tremendous pressure due to a number of external factors outside of our control, and in some instances the supply of the material is even being rationed out on an allocation basis.

Cyprexx has been fortunate to have several alternative suppliers sourced and have not suffered any supply issues; however, over the last several months we have watched and absorbed significant price increases. The base raw material components in polycarbonate has risen as much as 25%.

Effective immediately our price for a 4 x 8 sheet of InvisiBoard will be $120 and for a 5 x 8 sheet $150. Installation Kits will be $9.50 each for Angles and $7.50 each for Blocks.

And mark my words, this will not be the last price increase. Incidentally, there was no compensation increase for Minority Females and Labor whom must purchase the product.

Paul Williams
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