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AMS Employees Worried About Their Future Prospects

A current Asset Management Specialists (AMS) employee reached out yesterday with respect to a Series of Articles I have written highlighting the fraud and corruption at AMS. AMS is yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) #TeamRegime Member which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) seems to be supportive of. I say supportive as HUD is recalcitrant to reveal whether or not they are continuing to allow AMS to have an unfair and economic advantage over other HUD Prime Vendors as each and every signatory to the HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) Contracts are no longer present at AMS. Nothing new under the Sun with respect to the corruption within HUD; business as usual.

I have worked in the Closing Department at AMS since December 2011. Over the past three or four months I have read your blog about the corrupt issues that have happened between the contractor’s being paid, altering work order’s, etc.  But, there is one thing, I believe you should know.  Not every person the works at AMS deals with the contractor’s and paying the contractor’s.  There is a WHOLE other department called HUD Closing- were we deal with closing issues (out-standing lien-able utility bills, HOA’s or abatement issues).  These issues need to be cleared, in order for the property to close.  My department had NO idea these things were going on in the Auditing Department, until your blogs surfaced.

I believe is is an extremely unfair stereotype that you wrote in your blog below.  It was/is not public knowledge that invoices were being altered and contractor’s were not being paid.  It is unfair to say we all need to be watched and are considered suspect of being liars and crooks.  Your blog could cause hard working individuals to not obtain employment elsewhere. Including myself, a single mother with a seven month old.  Before writing such slandering remarks, to hurt Lee, Brian, Jerry’s reputation, please think of the other’s who rely on this job and future employment to pay the bills and keep a roof over their families head.

Yeah, right. So, let me get this straight. You are attempting to suck up to Lee [Mertins], Brian [Christie] and Jerry [Mavellia] in hopes that they really give two shits about a single mother with a 7 month old child?! Let’s keep this real for a moment, shall we?! First off, Brian Christie has already been directly implicated in the harassment of a rape victim. Are you supportive of that? Oh, that’s right. It would appear that there is NO CONCERN for the rape victim provided you and yours get paid, huh?! I mean whom cares about dumping toxic chemicals down the drain in California where there is a Drought of Biblical Proportions?! Mertins and Mavellia are already gone so why the big concern? Why no concern for the Puppet Master Greg Harrison?!

If, in fact, former AMS employees become discriminated against, there are legal avenues to address it — I doubt this is the concern, though. The reality is that for years the impetus for protecting one’s self has been placed squarely upon the shoulders of Contractors. It is good that employees of these firms whom wish to break society’s rules are placed squarely in the cross hairs. Perhaps they will begin to think twice about turning a blind eye to the insidious behavior exhibited by these NAMFS Regime Members.

The exculpation of employees based upon their sucking up to Lee Mertins, et al., gets no play with me. Even more on point, spare me the pity party and use of tort terms like slander. Had that term not been used; had the conversation been directed around the alleged concern of the employees, I would have taken a different position. This is a Red Herring. Mertins and Mavellia are both over at 24 Asset Management cum Assero 24. Curious how 24 Asset Management feels about the law? Here is what a consumer had to say,

This company contacted my bosses HOME phone number and WIFE regarding an outstanding personal debt of mine. In no way should this information have been discussed with an outside individual. That is definitely an invasion of privacy. They are rude and harass me at work, after being told not to call the business number. If they continue to jeapordize my employment, they will never get any resolution.

When these alleged employees reach out worried about the Power Brokers, I begin to realize that they are only concerned with their own skin. The concern is fostered from a belief that they are not going to be recruited to work at the next NAMFS Regime Order Mill Spin Off. I stand by my recommendations that any former employee of any NAMFS Regime Member whom has refused to pay Contractors should be suspect; they should be suspect until they are vetted properly.

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