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Altisource: Is It An Addiction You Can Afford?

This is a Fast Blast. As we have been drilling down on #OpNAMFS which is our ongoing campaign to document the atrocities committed by National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members, many Rank and File Regime C Level Sources have quietly reached out. Altisource is no stranger.

Altisource’s position is that they are concerned about their name being “sullied.” It would appear that Altisource feels that their insulation is created by the hiring of these less than kosher Order Mills. Now, I do not know the threshold for obtaining work with Altisource; I know we were never granted such favor. I wish I could say that I empathize; however, I do not. Banks have financial stress tests and so, I believe, Order Mills should have the same.

Altisource vis-a-vis their silent parent Ocwen control a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE. The reality is that the organization is far too massive to be capable of effectively addressing crime and corruption. With that said, there are forces within these monolithic entities whom do seem to both care and have compassion. My Source is one of them. S/he and I have had a roller coaster ride of discussions with respect to what is going on. The reality is that I am forwarding emails almost daily now pertaining to the fraud being committed by Altisource’s Order Mills.

I can apply pressure but our most effective tool is to stop using them – but that will only add to the problems because vendors won’t have ANY cash flow to catch up their accounts payable.  We are quite stuck between a rock and a hard place….  Of course Altisource wants respectable and strong vendors who have excellent and happy subs and contractors.  Altisource makes our vendors stipulate to pay their subs and contractors timely – and we pay timely.  We cannot manage their subs and billing practices but we can do audits (which we do).  I appreciate you letting me know when vendors are out there that need some extra focus – as we don’t normally get that feedback.  I will continue to escalate your issues to our vendor management group and work to get resolutions.

I rarely release direct quotes from Sources this highly placed; however, I want to communicate that Altisource — at least my Source — does sympathize with the situations which are now being reported upon. I trust him/her in that I have cosigned his/her word for Labor. That means I trust the Source with my life. This is paramount, folks. For those of you whom simply slide by on the coattails of the brave men and women whom come forward, I have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR YOU! If I could, I would ensure you never were paid a dime! You are no more worthy of salvation than the Germans whom watched the Furnaces and Zyclon – B flowing each day and doing jack shit.

The reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has never had to deal with the sophisticated, real time communications apparatus which Foreclosurepedia has built. Before I created the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute, there was nothing which meaningfully documented and then distributed BOLO Alerts.

Today, though, that has changed. After I formed the Guild (now in disrepair) and instituted the LinkedIn Property Preservation Consortium; after I established the and Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Database, things began to coalesce. As in any Revolution, #OpNAMFS is now well on its way to removing the unholy NAMFS Regime and returning it to the Rank and File.

Anyone is capable of bitching and moaning; preaching about the problems. Leaders propose solutions. I am a Leader and I have the Ear of Labor. Accordingly, what I propose is that Altisource reevaluate its precarious position with the Order Mills whom are presently committing crimes against humanity. Currently, I have at my disposal a former Captain in the US Army whom is a West Point Graduate and a former US Army Special Forces Medic strategically placed on the Eastern Seaboard.

They both have ample experience in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, generate 7 figure annual revenues, possess both SAM Accounts and DUNS Numbers. They have personally been vetted by the ISTAR System which makes anything Aspen Grove is capable of throwing their way look like a joke — Aspen Grove only examines records, not means, motive and opportunity.

My open question to Altisource and the rest of those firms whom allegedly want peace and tranquility is why will you not consider these people? They served their Country honorably while the vast majority of you lay supine domestically. Did I forget to mention that they and many others whom have passed through the ISTAR Database Vetting Process are National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members?!

This is the reality: #OpNAMFS will be successful; I have forgotten more than the brightest minds will ever learn in this Industry because it is what I was trained for. What I want is a level playing field. For those of you whom are fixated on the Carol Boyd’s of the world; the tears you cry over her, perhaps you should ask yourself if becoming Defendants is in everyone’s best interests at this juncture in the Industry. Make no mistake whatsoever, I give no more thought about cranking up the keyboard into overdrive than I do passing salt at the dinner table.

The novel concept is that all I or any other LEGITIMATE Contractor have ever asked for is to keep the Organized Crime; the criminal elements, out of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. If you think for a moment that each and every keystroke I lay down is not being put into a file; if you think that those Corporate Wiki Charts I released are not on a White Board, you are sadly mistaken. Oh, Jamie Dimon and his league are not going to pay the piper; however, those whom ran with the crowd because it was the cool thing to do; those Sponsors of the Galas whom buried their heads in the sand to get a shot at the Labor Ponzi Schemes are going to be the Scapegoats when Regulation comes to town — and it is coming like a whirlwind reaped in Young Guns.

This Article is not for the NAMFS Regime; they are but a mere biological mutation to which the financial gene pool will correct. This Article is for the more articulate whom consume my diatribes. The #Oracle has not been wrong, yet. The US Government laid siege upon AMS and struck down their Contracts — this is simply the latest. Many of you whom are my Sources already have communicated I take names to the grave with me. #PresCon is upcoming and I anticipate it will be both large and silent; it’s impact will control the manifest destiny of the Industry for years to come.

Let us dispatch with the trivialities of the Rouge Elements whom are financially insolvent. Let the rancid sort themselves out in other Theaters of Operations. For unto us; unto those whom were wise and built their Fortresses upon Stone, shall Labor gather round and healthy Returns be visited upon each and all.

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