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Altisource Begins To Circle The Wagons

Just when you thought Altisource was beginning to make some headway, the carpet is yanked out, yet again, from Members of Labor. For the past several years now, Foreclosurepedia has been spearheading efforts in an attempt to get Members of Labor paid. Recently, it appeared that Altisource was going to attempt to change their ways; however, the ruse has been identified. Jeffrey E. Pomeranz | Counsel, Transactions and Contractual Compliance, has now been appointed over part of the trainwreck that we call the Altisource Fraud Fest. I just got off the phone with yet another Member of Labor Pat McTaggart, Queen of Fraud Management — or is that mismanagement — whom stated that McTaggart is waiting — been over a month now — for instructions on what to do. Really, Pat? Let me tell you something Pat, you have no Game.

The vast majority of those whom have been defrauded by Tom Newkirk and Robert Kapeluch — the SEAS LLC Cartel — are minorities. In fact, the District Attorney’s office of Anderson County, South Carolina, drafted felony charges against Newkirk. I have been instructing those minorities whom have been injured by Altisource to go to the NAACP and discuss what is now easily identifiable as a targeted attack upon minorities in the United States by a Foreign National. True irony as McTaggart damn sure is not white! More importantly, though, if SEAS LLC has no money to pay anyone, why have they not filed bankruptcy? Does it have anything to do with the nasty divorce Mark Newkirk is gearing up for as we hear on the bricks?

McTaggart and the rest of her ilk can preach how they are not responsible, but Altisource knew almost three years ago what was going on. Foreclosurepedia has emails MEASURING IN THE FEET with Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel and copies from he to Pat McTaggart with respect to SEAS LLC, Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises and Michigan Realty Solutions. No, Pat you are NOT OFF THE HOOK ON MY WATCH!

The reality is that Altisource’s Atlanta Office is just about as close to a Ku Klux Klan Headquarters as I have ever seen in my opinion. Why? Well, when you have minorities whom will fuck other minorities on behalf of whitey, then they are nothing but Uncle Toms. Make no mistake about that whatsoever. McTaggart strikes me as the type of woman — and I use that word very loosely — whom would sell out her own church congregation to ensure Altisource could come in and redevelop the property in a gentrified manner. Fuck McTaggart for real. And on the real, since the Mortgage Field Services Industry pretends to be all racially sensitive and shit, maybe the local African American Community ought to take a closer look at the underlying motivations of McTaggart, et al.

There’s one for you Eric Miller. How are you going to spin that? Are you going to tell minorities that the only reason the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has NEVER HAD AN AFRICAN AMERICAN BOARD MEMBER LET ALONE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR IS BECA– USE NONE ARE IN THE INDUSTRY? Shit, the only reason no African American has ever been on the Board of NAMFS is because you people display to me every single day that you are a bunch of racist assholes! Oh, you had your little token Adriana Farelo-Fernandez as Vice President to make La Raza happy, but at the end of the day NAMFS, its Board of Directors and by in large its Membership are a bunch of uptight, conservative racist assholes in my opinion.

You see, when you begin to get images of foreign invaders like Altisource coming to our shores and defrauding African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Orientals all burning crosses and shit with bedsheets hanging like a B Rate Halloween flick, well, let me just say that the Black Panthers proved a point along with the Weathermen and Students For A Democratic Society (SDS). Yeah, I still remember the Port Huron Statement. If those reading this have not a clue, you should do a bit of research.

You know what, though? Tonight’s video I release and Foreclosurepedia’s participation with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is the beginning of the end for the racist maggots out there whom seek to defraud those whom are not white.  Let’s not bullshit around, either. That is what all of this is about. Gentrification of the Industry. Keep all of the minorities as laborers; allow them a few scraps from Whitey’s table, but make damn sure they know their place. I’m going to tell Mangement something, though:  Whitey may be able to keep his staff in check with respect to reading Foreclosurepedia, but there are a lot of fringe elements out there whom are not all that enamoured with whitey when it comes to cracking the whip.

Below is Foreclosurepedia’s Black List of NAMFS Members and Leadership remaining as part of #OpDarkBox. Yes, there is one former member of the US Military and that is a tragedy based upon his Swearing an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The Black List Of NAMFS Members Remaining In #OpDarkBox
The Black List Of NAMFS Members Remaining In #OpDarkBox

Foreclosurepedia has identified those whom have supported the ISTAR Clear Base and those whom appear to be opposed to it. The ISTAR Clear Base has expanded to begin covering Codes in all municipal, county and state regions. Its repository has now swollen to nearly a terabyte of information ranging from photos and documents, to videos and internet scraping of data. The chances are nearly one hundred percent that if you work in the Industry, you have a dossier on file and it is either public or private depending upon whether it has been cleared for release. At the end of the day, as Foreclosurepedia begins to simply address the Mortgage Field Services Industry from a neutral position, ISTAR Clear Base will become the intelligence apparatus for monitoring both Labor and Management. We thank those whom participated in our fund raising campaign. Foreclosurepedia takes dutiful notes on whom supports us; whom stands with Members of Labor, and those whom do not.

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