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A Personal Thank You To Malcolm Kidd

When Hopewell Volunteer Fireman Malcolm “Fire Marshal Bill” Kidd was kicked out of his former church where he was music director, no one really gave it a lot of thought. I mean it was par for the course. Morgan, Kidd’s wife, was arrested 08 February 2016, after Iva police discovered prescription medicines had been stolen from nurse’s office at Crescent High School, according to Iva Town Attorney Mary McCormac. Not to be outdone, Malcolm jumped on the Fucktardia Bandwagon and began living with his most recent in a string of women in what appears to be an attempt to bury his miserable failure as a husband and father. Fact of the matter is that there is not a lot that surprises folks anymore when it comes to Malcolm Kidd and his associates.

As the title says, this is a Personal Thank You for providing the information with respect to the Hope Gambill move to Illinois and the expansion within Carrot Top’s network last month. In fact, without your emails, it would have been hard to connect those troublesome dots. Now, while others may frown upon Kidd’s

Iva police said 26-year-old Morgan Kidd confessed to taking the medicines.

Kidd was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of theft of a controlled substance.

“The theft occurred while Ms. Kidd was working as a substitute teacher,” said Assistant Superintendent Kathy Hipp, of Anderson County School District Three, said. “She had been a substitute since November of 2015, and she is no longer employed by the school district.”

Well MemedThere is not much which surprises me when I deal with those nefarious creatures whom occupy the dark haunts of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The seedy underbelly which the Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) dwell has merely admitted yet another contender for Fucktard of the Month. And the reality is that the Foreclosurepedia Nation has a front row seat to the Freak Show. As opposed to other freak shows, Foreclosurepedia has a debt it will find hard to repay to young Malcolm and his Tribe of Misfits. You see Malcolm’s introduction of us to Christina Chancey was incredibly beneficial with respect to obtaining information with respect to Mark Newkirk, his father and Robert Kapeluch all of SEAS #Fraudster Fame! The multiple photos she sent, including naked pictures of Kapeluch’s on again off again lover — how she got those I will never know and probably do not want to — were invaluable with respect to compiling the hundreds of pages of documents we assembled for turning over to the Florida Attorney General’s office.

When it comes to bullshit and I am talking true, larger than life bullshit, Malcolm Kidd has the bases covered. I got my first real taste of it when I caravanned with he down to a then Bud Light White Trash Party Pregnant Chick Smoking and Drinking Beer BudLightsecret meeting between Management and Labor. Bearing in mind that the meeting had been orchestrated to lay siege upon Robert Kapeluch, henchman of SEAS LLC, I had not yet connected to conspiratorial dots between he and Chancey. At the time I found it odd that with his company owed nearly $30,000 by Kapeluch and SEAS LLC, young Malcolm Kidd chose not to be in attendance at the meeting. Instead, Kidd could not run fast enough away from the hospitality provided by our gracious host in Central Florida. And what I also never understood was how his current lover was not upset by Kidd’s hauling ass down to meet, surreptitiously, with Chancey. You see, on company account, Kidd rented a hotel room which, at the time, I called The Lovenasium.

Ironically, after all the parties were introduced, Kidd slithered outside for a series of phone calls. Now, I do not know whom those calls were made to as it was Cloak and Dagger, Saturday Night Live style. Hunched into a small alcove in the hot Florida sun Kidd had the appearance of some netherworld creature. With his hands frantically making bizarre gyrations much like an epileptic hopped up on crack cocaine; with his face wringing into grotesque contortions, many of us feared that perhaps the Grim Reaper had come a calling. We were not so lucky. You see, as an ice storm wreaked havoc with the power grid where his children hunkered down, unsure of their survival, the fix was in. Finally, young Malcolm emerged with a glow on his face which was in competition with the sun itself.

Within minutes of those calls, Robert Kapeluch called off his meeting with myself and the Florida Seven as we called the group. And Fire Marshal Bill, like a moth to the flame, bolted from the meeting only minutes after discovering that Mrs Chancey had a little bit of free time.

Now, there are some whom would say that as I have done business with him I have a moral obligation to refrain from discussing his indiscretions in my upcoming ELEVEN PART SERIES. Family TraditionNormally, I would concur; however, Malcolm Kidd saw fit to violate our Non Disclosure Agreement, we are going to asymmetrically and in a protracted manner, ensure that folks like Blue Granite Property Preservation Services (BGPPS) understand that they have inherited serious and extreme baggage. Take 714 Charlies Creek Rd Lowndesville, SC, for example. Marc Francis, the Charlotte, NC, owner of BGPPS, would be well served to have full disclosure from young Malcolm with respect to precisely why it is that company equipment is being used; a company EIN is being used for income tax reporting; and yet both company owners failed to execute a legal contract. Ever so more troubling is the salient fact that Francis, along with J is depositing monies into Malcolm Kidd’s personal bank account. You see, young Malcolm Fire Marshal Bill Kidd was struggling to pay his bills. In fact, Kidd was utilizing company owned equipment to maintain properties on behalf of Blue Granite Property Preservation Services and others. As is generally the case with adulterers living hidden lives, it becomes rather expensive to maintain two families plus potentially a mistress.

As young Malcolm began to spiral, out of control, into financial insolvency, his desperation allowed the misguided belief that having company funds deposited into his personal account for his gain only was ok. I mean, after all, Fire Marshal Bill was never up to the task of understanding much in life other than how to fuck others over.

FMB CameoEmbezzlement is generally defined as theft or larceny of assets by a person in a position of trust or responsibility over those assets. A fiduciary relationship is generally a relationship in which one person is under a duty to act for the benefit of another on matters within the scope of the relationship. It is quite apparent that there has been a Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Fraud is both a criminal and civil offense. Kidd’s theft could result in jail time and damages. It is not a large leap to surmise that Kidd knowingly lied and his business partner reasonably relied on the lie and suffered harm because of it. In fact, Foreclosurepedia possesses documentation of thousands of dollars which were funneled into Kidd’s personal bank account and diverted from the company account. This information is the direct result of being hired to perform a forensic audit of Kidd himself.

Little Malcolm Kidd is in a world of hurt right now. His truck payment is around $1,200 per month. His live in girlfriend’s Escalade is around $1,000 per month. Their foreclosed home they live in has multiple late payments and will potentially be foreclosed upon. To demonstrate precisely the type of insanity Little Kidd lives in, take a gander at the hundreds of dollars he spent on having WWE Wrestlers make trinket videos for him. I mean when a person cannot even keep the bills paid; when your credit score is so far in the shitter that you have to get tokens from the fast food joint just to use the shitter, does it make sense to stroke your ego with money you could be feeding your family with?!

Stick around tomorrow as we roll out precisely how little Malcolm bitched up when confronted and precisely whom was pulling the strings with respect to Chancey and Kidd. Point blank: If the live in girlfriend wants the emails, feel free to reach out and truly learn the lie you have been living!


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