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Cold War Ports of Call May Not Be Cold at All

I usually stick with the mortgage field services industry as it is what I know best. Every now and then, though, something creeps up that has familiarity. In the instant case of the docking of Russian war vessels, including a nuclear submarine, in Cuba, the reality is that the new US Navy is not the same as the old US Navy that patrolled when I was a young man. In fact, none of the military, let alone the vast array of intelligence apparatus is the same. And what, precisely, do I mean by that? Glad you asked that question. I grew up during the Reagan Administration. It was a time when Tip O’Neal was Speaker of the House and a Democrat. As a military man, I never really identified with politics. One didn’t have to, as both parties worked well together and even Reagan and O’Neal had a weekly Scotch at the White House. You see, back then, we were Americans.

The ability to project naval influence globally is one of the best testaments to a nation’s apex position. Politics aside, there is a tremendous amount of logistical and diplomatic activity in circumnavigation of the globe.

I consider myself to be patriotic. Patriotism is far more than flying the US flag and apple pie on Sundays. Patriotism requires the ability to understand civics, rational thought, and temperance when it comes to engaging in debate. I certainly am not a Communist nor do I believe in the Lenin – Trotsky manifestos proclaiming a utopia for the proletariat. I have taken the time to study them, though. I certainly am not a socialist such as those in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the UK. I am well versed in the dogma, though, and studied BREXIT and its impact today. I do not like labels; however, I would probably identify with libertarians. And why is all of this important?

Newton’s third law of motion establishes that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fact that Russian warships are in Cuba simply counter-balances our warships in their hemisphere. Moreover, though, the belief that the US is some kind of omniscient entity whom should be in charge of everything is a dangerous concept. That doesn’t mean Russia nor any other Nation is better than the US, it simply means that checks and balances are a natural equilibrium in life.

The single most identifiable issue in the Cuba water gun fight is the fact that the US intelligence communities, once again, missed the signals. Coming at a time when hundreds of billions of dollars — not to mention the raping of civil rights — are abounding within the US intelligence community, information about Russia’s port-of-call in Cuba, was missed. As early as 05 June 2024, The Guardian announced the Russian naval exercises in the Caribbean. Ten days later, the US Navy finally found a submarine to lob into the fray. Now, either we are missing a hell of a lot of submarines or we had to pull one out of rotation in a damn hurry. Calling the docking of the USS Helena in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, routine is anything other than routine. The Biden Administration is attempting to play it off, but the reality is that someone lost track of the Russian flotilla. And there is a larger problem, now that asymmetry is in play. You are talking about a LOT OF MONEY! The never ending wars in Israel and Ukraine, both proxy by nature, are added to the Somali, Syrian, and Yemini civil wars we are vanguarding. Couple this with the fact that 178 nations currently have a US military presence and open borders policy of allowing over 9 Million illegal aliens into the US at taxpayer expense, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps the time has come to invest in US infrastructure. Maybe we ought to invest in feeding our poor and not those in Gaza and hundreds of other countries. Or, how about providing health care and affordable medication for US citizens?

There was a time when we called a spade a spade. We did not tolerate the destruction of private property and certainly did not designate public property the property of only certain classes as we are seeing with Pride murals painted on public streets. And for those pumping the bullshit about blocking US transportation corridors as being legal and peaceful, all in the name of Palestine and Hamas, make no mistake whatsoever that interference with interstate commerce and is a federal felony.

The pendulum of public opinion always follows Newton’s third law of motion. The problem that presents is the swings of political opinion are now becoming more and more extreme. The upcoming Presidential election documents this. You have a President whose son has felony gun convictions due to drug addiction and another former President whom has been convicted of felonies involving falsifying his business records. It is the epitome of madness. We are a third world banana republic in the last thralls of existence. We are thrashing around the globe, in a state of manic behavior, much like a person drowning in a lake. And here is the kicker. Each and every special interest group has now marshalled their causes — the LGBTQ, the fascists, the racists, the atheists and Satanists, hell even the Church of Climatology!

US taxpayers, the real Americans — who work two jobs and get fucked with 29.99% APR on credit cards — have had enough. They, like I, do not give a fuck about abortion or homosexuals. We do not give a damn about Murdoch or Soros. And if the California delta smelt gets ground up and becomes extinct to ensure drinking water for Californians, then let us be the first to turn the keys of the engine on!

US taxpayers are tired of having woke shoved in our face day in and day out. We are done listening to the demands for slavery reparations that have not a damn thing to do with us. We are done with politicians enriching themselves at the trough of public contracting with profits over people. And that is just to begin with. See, that pesky Newton’s third law of motion. The harder one side pushes their agenda, it is equally matched by the other. And unless and until insane demands from both sides end, it will continue to escalate until one side prevails over the other.

Even Carmen Sandiego Cannot Find Shari Nott

People like Blake Oglensky, an Associate lawyer at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, might have reason to be concerned as US Marshals search for his mother, National Field Network’s (NFN) former CEO, Shari Nott. Olglensky along with his father, Jonothan, and three sisters Emma, Sophie, and Rachel, were all named in an Adversary Complaint to Recover Fraudulent Transfers Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 544 and 550 filing in New Jersey Bankruptcy Court. The multi-year bankruptcy of NFN took an interesting spin with the latest filing and after Nott was found in Contempt of Court and a US Marshals warrant was issued for her arrest. The story is as twisted and sordid as they come. After NFN was formed, Nott, along with Jack Jaffa, NFN’s managing member, and Christopher Crandell, NFN’s Chief Operating Officer, formed various other related entities in which they were owners, including, but not limited to: National Field Network Now, LLC d/b/a All the Right Movers, NFN Investments, LLC, NFN Claims, All the Right Movers, LLC, Trio Solutions, LLC, Commigrate Capital, LLC and Chik-Chak Shack, LLC.

The Thirty Thousand Foot View

Nott agreed to settle the Adversary Proceeding by providing a Consent Judgment in the amount of $1,485,000. Instead of doing that, she went on the run. Now, the Trustee is digging in deep and going for the jugular. According to the Trustee,

During the course of Nott’s employment [at NFN], the Debtor advanced Nott monies for lavish personal expenses, including funds related to the acquisition, renovation and maintenance of vacation homes in the Bahamas, luxury vehicles, including a Thunderbird, multiple Audi vehicles, a specialty Tesla vehicle and a Ford Explorer, to payment of contractors who did personal work for Nott at her various residences and/or other business ventures and credit card payments.

It gets better, though,

Most significantly, the Debtor made an advance to Nott’s attorney, Deutch & Associates, LLC, in the amount of $588,414.99 on October 10, 2012.1 The funds were used for Nott, individually, to purchase the real property located at 3 Abis Place, West Long Branch, New Jersey.

The majority of the funds, if not all, used by Nott to purchase the Abis Property were advanced by the [NFN].

According to court documents pertaining to the Abis Property,

Within weeks of the involuntary bankruptcy filing, by Deed dated April 24, 2018 and recorded May 2, 2018, Jonathan was added as an owner of the Abis Property for $1.00 consideration.

By Deed dated May 15, 2020 and recorded May 27, 2020, Nott and Jonathan sold the Abis Property for $910,000 [… .]

The Looting of NFN By Shari Nott, et al.

Building out further, on September 29, 2020, Jonathan purchased his and Nott’s current residence located at 646 Bray Avenue, Port Monmouth, New Jersey, for $580,000, which is now listed for sale at $824,900. Not stopping there, other than for Shari and Jonothan to remarry in order to invoke spousal immunity, Nott and Jonathan had an ownership interest in the real property located at 100 Oak Terrace, Freehold Township, New Jersey valued then at $212,000. This is important as it was several months AFTER the bankruptcy had been filed! It sold for $440,000.

Where the rubber meets the road; where Blake, his dad, and the sisters are on the hook is from this allegation from the Trustee,

Upon information and belief, Nott and Jonathan made various payments to, or for the benefit of, the Children Defendants [now all adults] for tuition, sport activities and other expenditures.

The Trustee was very precise in documenting the colleges attended, including pointing out that Blake Oglensky is now a lawyer, as well. Here is how it was put,

Upon information and belief, Nott paid for the post-secondary education and related expenses of all of the Child Defendants utilizing the funds that she improperly received [from] the Debtor [NFN], thereby allowing the Child Defendants to receive an advanced education without the necessity of student loans.

When we get into the following Counts: COUNT ONE Avoidance of Fraudulent Transfers Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 544 and 550 and N.J.S.A. § 25:2-25(b) and N.J.S.A. § 25:2-27 (Against All Defendants), COUNT TWO (Civil Conspiracy), and COUNT THREE (Imposition of Constructive Trust). Let’s break all of this down.

The Filing Against Shari Not and the Oglenskys


    • Debtor funded Nott’s purchase of the Abis Property as documented in the Accounts Receivable;
    • On May 15, 2020, Nott sold the Abis Property and netted approximately $91,215.24, which represents the Abis Sale Proceeds;
    • On September 29, 2020, Jonathan purchased the Current Residence, solely in his name, for $580,000;
    • On June 21, 2021, Nott and Jonathan sold the Oak Terrace Property and received significant proceeds by way Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds;
    • The funds from the Accounts Receivable, Nott’s interests in the Abis Sale Proceeds and Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds were transferred, utilized or dissipated by or for the benefit of the Defendants and to the detriment of the Debtor’s bankruptcy estate;
    • Upon information and belief, the Abis Sale Proceeds and Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds were transferred by Nott to the Defendants and/or for their benefit, including to purchase the Current Residence;
    • Nott transferred her interest in the Abis Sale Proceeds and Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds to the Defendants within four (4) years from the filing of the within Complaint;
    • Upon information and belief, Nott transferred her interests in the Abis Sale Proceeds and Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds to the Defendants and to fund the purchase of the Current Residence, solely in Jonathan’s name, with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors;
    • Upon information and belief, Nott was insolvent at the time she transferred her interests in the Abis Sale Proceeds and Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds to the Defendants for, among other things, the purchase of the Current Residence by Jonathan;
    • Nott received less than reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the sale proceeds from the sale of the Abis Sale Proceeds for the purchase of the Current Residence by Jonathan, and the Oak Terrace Sale Proceeds; and
    • Nott received less than reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the transfer of assets to for the benefit of all Defendants, including for vehicles, college tuition and law school tuition provided to the Child Defendants.


    • Nott and Jonathan acted in concert to defraud the Debtor [NFN] and its Estate by orchestrating a scheme to render Nott insolvent and avoid her then-existing and future financial obligations to the Debtor and its Estate, all to the detriment of the creditors of the Debtor (“Scheme”);
    • The Scheme was enacted between Nott and Jonathan immediately after the Petition Date, and at a time when Nott knew she was being investigated by the Committee and the Trustee;
    • Nott and Jonathan intentionally enacted the Scheme so as to keep Nott’s assets out of the reach of creditors of the Debtor; and
    • The Debtor [NFN] has and continues to suffer damages resulting from this civil conspiracy perpetrated by Nott and Jonathan.


    • On September 29, 2020, Jonathan purchased the Current Residence which was funded, at least in part, from the Abis Sale Proceeds and other ill-gotten gains through funds advanced and documented as part of the Accounts Receivable;
    • Upon information and belief, Jonathan did not contribute any funds towards the purchase of the Current Residence at the time of closing in September 2020;
    • Jonathan’s ownership of the Current Residence and other assets purchased and/or transferred by Nott is inequitable and unjustifiable, solely intended to shield Nott from the Debtors’ [NFN] creditors;
    • At the time Jonathan purchased the Current Residence, Nott was already deposed by the Committee, and had received notice of the Trustee’s deposition; and
    • At all times during the relevant time period, Nott was aware that she was being investigated for, and had significant liability to the Debtor’s [NFN] bankruptcy Estate.

For full details including the document filings, the emails, the Exhibits and opinion, feel free to become a Paid Subscriber to the Foreclosurepedia Nation!

Victor Deutch: Anatomy of Shari Nott’s Fixer in the NFN Bankruptcy

For years, New Jersey based lawyer, Victor Deutch, served as the personal fixer for Shari Nott, the CEO of National Field Network (NFN). Through veiled threats and intimidation of Labor, Deutch amassed a fortune for himself and Nott. It was like a scene out of The Godfather how Deutch would force Labor to take pennies on the dollar for services rendered. It was one of the largest thefts in the history of our Industry and played out under the watchful eye of Deutch and his now defunct law firm Deutch & Associates (D . . .

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Shari Nott’s Lover and Children Named in NFN Litigation Stemming From Fraud

Prime Vendors whom took control of the National Field Network (NFN) portfolio, pre-bankruptcy, are concerned about exposure as Shari Nott, NFN's CEO/Owner, is wanted by US Marshals. This builds, as new federal litigation has sprung up against Shari Nott's lover and adult children, alleging fraud. The document is included below.

In a recent development in the bankruptcy case of National Management & Preservation Services, LLC, the Chapter 7 . . .

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US Marshals Arrest Warrant for Shari Nott National Field Network Kingpin

Shari Nott's luck ran out as a federal judge ordered the US Marshals to arrest her pertaining to an enormous financial scheme, perpetrated in multiple states, against Contractors and US government agencies. Almost simultaneously, new litigation was commenced against Nott's lover, Jonothan Oglensky, as well as their corrupt lawyer, Victor Deutch. And while many are praising the the fact that a decade later, Shari Nott is being held to account, for many it is too little, too late. As you may see from the documents below, Nott's freedom has come to an . . .

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