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Walter Cole Pulls Out All Stops To Protect NFN and Deposition of Shari Nott

Walter Cole, owner of The Cole Team with his wife Elizabeth, must have been deep into the bottle when he began cranking out texts through 2000 EDT last night. Outlandish demands to release the Master Password to Foreclosurepedia were included along with temper tantrums ranging the gamut that Foreclosurepedia must turn over our entire website to him to publish his unredacted manifesto of the woes that they are experiencing. It reminded me a lot of how my son acts when I remove the XBox from him. Throwing caution to the wind and waiving his attorney client privilege, it must have finally dawned upon dear ‘ol Walt that Foreclosurepedia’s Motion to Intervene in the Involuntary Bankruptcy of National Field Network (NFN) was real.

David Shaver, Cole’s Counsel, has been having a hard time keeping a leash on his Client of late. Whether or not that is by choice, incompetence, or lack of concern is anyone’s guess. What is material is when you are an attorney representing the interests of 200+ victims, it generally is wise to inform them that breaking attorney client privilege waives any rights which may be enforced when Defendants come a calling.

Foreclosurepedia is an opinion based publication. We welcome comments to be published on all of our Articles by those whom subscribe. Subscription is free of charge. This includes Walter Cole. What Foreclosurepedia will never do is succumb to attempts to violate our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights whether those attempts are brought by simple minded #Fraudsters or orchestrated by Counsel. To that point, below is a letter sent to Walter Cole and his lawyer, earlier today,

Your Client, Walter Cole, reached out to me last night with a series of texts demanding the master password for Foreclosurepedia in order to publish an unedited article or op ed (not sure). Within that conversation I stated that I was amicable with allowing such, sans the master password, provided that you and he fulfill your promise to provide the copies of depositions of Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa. Those promises were made in writing by Walter Cole in conjunction with Cole’s request for the Questions presented to Shari Nott for her Deposition.

I want to belabor several points here. First, Foreclosurepedia would NEVER release its Master Password. Whether this was simply Cole’s inability to properly articulate his language or whether or not this is a veiled threat submitted with your blessing, Foreclosurepedia will not be held hostage to our ability to participate in the judicial process IN RE: Our Motion to Intervene. I submit that the inferences were there and I memorialize my right to submit a NY State Bar and American Bar Complaint against your license for ever allowing this.

Second, as I have submitted a legal filing into the case wherein you are representing Cole, et al., I am concerned that his contacting me may potentially violate attorney client privilege. While I am not a lawyer, I feel compelled to go beyond my status as a Media Outlet, and consider the potential that your Client may be trespassing upon territory which is unethical and potentially illegal.

Finally, Cole is attempting to infer that my participation in the judicial process grants a carte blanche access to Foreclosurepedia. It would be wise for you to instruct your client that this is not the case. There is not a single media outlet on earth that turns over the helm of their operations in order to prevent a chilling effect upon the First Amendment unless your client is submitting threats of violence which I may only infer. Attempting to violate my civil rights in order to prevent embarrassment to Shari Nott with respect to releasing her Deposition is an actionable offense.

Walter Cole is your client. I do not have the ability to put a leash on him. What I will not tolerate are continued demands to fulfill perceived obligations after hours. Those texts which Cole continued to send poured over past 2000 EDT.

The ball is in your court, Counselor. My next step is to advise the Court of your participation in an asymmetrical assault upon Foreclosurepedia for attempting to participate in the judicial process.

Walter Cole has attempted to keep the depositions hidden which were taken of Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa, both owners of NFN. Those depositions would be proof positive that the victims are owed monies and be the foundation to Class Action litigation with respect to chargebacks and “HUD Adjusted Bids” which have stolen tens of millions of dollars from innocent Minority Females and Labor for decades.

This Holiday Season, why not reach out to Walter Cole and his lawyer David Shaver and encourage them to stop protecting Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa by releasing the depositions which Walter Cole promised to release as documented in this article here.

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