Persons Of Interest

The Perp Walk of the Mortgage Field Services Industry

Persons Of Interest

Below are Wanted For Questioning By Members of Labor Posters issued out for Persons of Interest and Unknown Subjects (UNSUB). These are individuals whom potentially have information relevant to current and future civil and criminal cases. By in large, these people are Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). We will additionally include a hierarchy chart documenting their Organizational Structure.

This information is provided as a public service to begin to create a pictorial and chronological record of individuals whom have had a direct or indirect relationship with Companies whom have defrauded Members of Labor in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. This listing of people is for the sole purpose of creating a one stop location for attorneys of record, law enforcement and journalists to properly assess for themselves the state of affairs. While Members of Labor may desire to question those individuals below, it does not obligate them to voluntarily submit to questioning. In the same way that NAMFS maintains information about and pertaining to Foreclosurepedia including in their Minutes of Board Meetings, so to Foreclosurepedia has chosen to actively engage information procurement upon NAMFS Members.

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This information is Restricted to Industry Insiders. Foreclosurepedia implements this as the time has come to allow for an Investment into Actionable Intelligence by Members to create Stakeholders. Becoming a Member of the Foreclosurepedia Nation allows us to continue providing quality material your competitors wished they had.



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