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LWY3R UP And The Steve Salimbas Sideshow

Foreclosurepedia recently hit Page One on Google when you search the name STEVE SALIMBAS. Salimbas has been a key person within the Miller Regime for nearly half a decade now. The Miller Regime is headed by Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Miller, whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year which consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, has been at the forefront of all Mortgage Field Services Industry problems for over a decade. The Salimbas – Miller Axis of Cooperation has been a mystery to many, myself included, for years.

What if you could control which firms were accepted within the Mortgage Field Services Industry for Industry Compliance. What if you could keep the approval within a small group of people, say, on the NAMFS Government Relations Committee and cloister the approval process? What if you could position the people to establish the creation, sales, and distribution of a product knowing that all roads lead to payday regardless of the adulteration of that which is being sold?

I have spent a lot of years attempting to figure out why it is that when you sleep with someone they refuse to share their toothbrush with you. It is a true story. You see, it is the idiosyncrasies in life that always leave the most tell tale clues. Take for example stellar rises with respect to people whom make no discernable money in four separate companies and yet are contemplated for the NAMFS Board of Directors — another white guy, for the ALL WHITE Board of Directors, obviously. You see, Teamwork makes the Dream Work. And that is all it ever has been for the NAMFS Offender Members. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards contracts in five one year options. It is fair to say that HUD, by and through its Management and Marketing (M&M) program, is probably the most lucrative and binding in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Steve Salimbas has submitted that it is his belief that the legal standard for length of legal contracts is set at TEN YEARS.  It is hard to imagine any other reason for a Ten Year Contract, though, than to attempt to over leverage and bind less fortunate Minority Females and Labor. I am hard pressed to find any other firm which demands a TEN YEAR Contract, locked in by exclusivity, having any other purpose than to commit Anti Trust violations.

In fact, Salimbas states he owns a company, Ameriguard, which performs services in the Industry. Salimbas states he owns a firm, AllyConnect, which maintains contracts between Management and Labor. Salimbas states he owns a firm, CompliDox, which  stores the documents necessary for financial institutions to verify Compliance. And Salimbas states he owns a firm, Clearboarding LLC, which provides materials to the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

And here is the kicker: CompliDox was listed as insecure 48 hours ago and now Steve Salimbas’ flagship company, Ameriguard Properties is offline as seen below. It is worse as if you try to call him his entire voicemail is full — how is that working out for business, Steve?! I mean Jesus Christ, this guy has caught a bad case of the I Don’t Know What The Fuck I Am Doing. More on point, though, perhaps Salimbas’ Clients ought to demand an audit of his platforms to ensure that they are even safe!

So, Salimbas controls the means, the methods, the materials, and the contractual agreements across state lines, using electronic means, and demands TEN YEAR CONTRACTS to work with his firms upon federal properties. First, this smacks of Sherman Act and Anti Trust provisions. Second, when you attempt to bind multi million dollar firms to buy from you and only you as Salimbas attempted to do; when you refuse to disclose ownership of a firm providing clear boarding and thus leverage hundreds if not thousands of other Minority Females and Labor to purchase from you with exclusivity, regardless of price, then you are rigging the system. It is even more heinous when you do this and you are seated upon the VERY NAMFS COMMITTEE which had oversight and guidance to Fannie Mae with respect to your product! Moreover, though, it is a conflict of interest when you do not disclose your ownership to, at minimum, NAMFS itself.

And depending upon when you speak with Salimbas, he owns all these companies; he labels his investors as employees; or they are not mentioned at all. And you see, it is this Dark of Night conflict of interest which has the vast majority of the Industry suspect of NAMFS and Eric Miller himself. At least SecureView and Invisiboard both fully disclosed whom owns what. So, why then, keep everything a secret? Was it to obtain insider information? Was it to unduly have a legislative impact? It is ever more so disturbing when one realizes that all of this has transpired under the canopy of a non profit organization. And therein lies the rub as the bard would say. What I mean is that Salimbas gets to push the agendas of FOUR COMPANIES — Ameriguard, AllyConnect, CompliDox, and Clearboarding LLC — and yet only pay dues for ONE COMPANY.

Whom precisely holds the keys to AllyConnect and CompliDox, those are the questions that many want to know. We already know that both are operated by a firm named Agios Worldwide Inc. We know that the State of New York cited Paul Heretakis as the listed and only owner. We know that the address for Agios Worldwide Inc. is 12 Chardonnay RD, Commack, NY. We know this address tracks back to Lola and Peter Heretakis. So, who are Lola and Peter Heretakis and why does they have access to information at AllyConnect which is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974; contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as defined by the US Government; and has no Industry Compliant background checks performed by Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) which we are able to identify.

These are all good questions Foreclosurepedia has attempted to ask Steve Salimbas, the man whom purports to own all of the aforementioned companies as well as Ameriguard. How many out there, in the Foreclosurepedia Nation, are comfortable with your information being maintained by unknown and undisclosed, non Industry personnel? Or, how many homeowners are comfortable with administrative paperwork being maintained by the same? It gets confusing when you begin to peel the layers of that which is the Steve Salimbas Sideshow. It brings back memories of the entire Joe Hummel debacle still fresh on the minds of those at NAMFS whom were prepared to anoint Hummel upon the NAMFS Board of Directors. That ascension ended when Foreclosurepedia brought to light issues which Eric Miller had refused to address. More on point, though, it continues to reinforce precisely why Foreclosurepedia is the last line of defense in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The biggest problem in the Salimbas Sideshow is that we do not know whether or not the true owners; the parent company Agios Worldwide Inc. and its owner, Peter Heretakis, has any convictions and if so, for what. What is their financial condition? Are they secret contributors to the Miller Regime and is it their vote which is cast, as opposed to Steve Salimbas, upon NAMFS Government Relations Committee and the NAMFS Compliance Steering Committee? And why don’t we? Well, Salimbas refuses to answer which should keep the American Public awake for the foreseeable future. Public inquiry and scrutiny are not only legal but demanded after we witnessed everything that Wells Fargo had to offer the consumers over the past decade. Moreover, though, Salimbas’ very word is now called into question.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) appears to be for sale to the highest bidder if we look at the latest, in a long string, of regulatory improprieties. At the end of the day, the US Taxpayer loses when folks like Steve Salimbas are allowed to put forth his goldilocks representations of half baked software and compliance platforms owned by only G-d knows whom. In fact, the only winner appears to be Salimbas whom has been able to pump and dump insecure platforms trolling for innocent Minority Female and Labor victims. That is how it always goes, though, with NAMFS Offender Members. Honestly, the best question anyone could ask is this:

Will The Real Steve Salimbas Please Stand Up!

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