Foreclosurepedia Begins Recruitment Campaign In ME, MA, and CT

If you want to do bona fide rehabs, reach out to Foreclosurepedia TODAY!

There is only one thing that gets under my skin, more than anything else in life. Having my time wasted. And the most time consuming task that I perform as the Editor-in-Chief of Foreclosurepedia is recruiting on behalf of firms. Today, I had a firm poised to take on millions in rehabs. They chose to play pocket pool and postpone phone calls. Today’s Industry — not the Safeguard Properties toilet cleaning to get chargebacked later — requires people whom are capable of actually meeting deadlines. Don’t get me wrong, for those whom survive the cut, it is win – win for Management and Labor. The problem that presents is that today, anyone with a lawn mower and toilet plunger consider themselves to be in the rehab business. With that said, Foreclosurepedia is looking specifically for individuals whom are qualified in the rehab field and have have handyman and general contractor licenses in areas wherein they are required.

If you believe that you are in the aforementioned pool of people, please reach out to Foreclosurepedia today for consideration. Please do not waste my time nor yours. Thank you.

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