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CompliDocs Joins The Rest Of The NAMFS UNSAFE List

CompliDocs — website link unsafe — yet another wet dream of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), is being rolled out in an attempt to gather more money and information in an insecure setting. In the same way that Steve Salimbas, long time supporter of Eric Miller and the Miller Regime, created AllyConnect to harvest all contract information on both Labor and Management, CompliDocs is simply yet another way to get into your wallet. AllyConnect and CompliDocs are both under the mantle of Agios World Wide Inc. And whom is Agios exactly? Well, we know that they are not Steve Salimbas. You see, Agios World Wide is located in the dining room of Lola and Peter Heretakis in Commack, NY. Salimbas, a NAMFS Member whom made a failed bid for a NAMFS Board of Directors seat last year is also on the NAMFS Government Relations Committee and on the NAMFS Compliance Steering Committee. Sounds like some pretty good access to steer business his way.

The dangers exponentially increase, though, when one discovers that Salimbas is incapable of even paying the bill for his https certificate. You see, that https certificate is the backbone of keeping the documents at CompliDocs secure as well as keeping your Contractor data safe at AllyConnect. Or, perhaps I am being too harsh. Perhaps document integrity doesn’t really matter. In the case of Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), no one seems to care and thus why should financial institutions give a damn about their documents over on CompliDocs, right?!

And after all, Steve Salimbas has been in Eric Miller’s lap for nearly half a decade now. Regardless, of what people want to believe, NAMFS has already requested access to Salimbas’ databases. I mean everyone trusts NAMFS, right?! If you have nothing to hide and you believe the Miller Regime has your best interests at heart, why not allow Eric and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors to ferret around. Is that what you want? Do you want Eric Miller rooting around with your private information like a pregnant sow? Because here is the deal: You are never going to know. It is obvious that Salimbas has no clue how to develop and implement security parameters which only take paying a bill. And if you do not believe me, why not ask Steve Salimbas for an answer? Why not? Because he will tell you about how it just slipped his mind and besides, it’s not his personal information anyway. It is only that of Minority Females and Labor. And while Salimbas is gleefully counting the dollar signs of those ignorant enough to sign up, what exactly happened to Aspen Grove Solutions? I mean recently, AGS began demanding that Minority Females and Labor provide access to their Social Security Numbers and provide wet signatures.

Wait a minute, though, didn’t Eric Miller cosign AGS saying that for the past several years legitimate background checks were being performed? Smoke and mirrors is all it is. Here, let me walk you through how this works. First, you spin up companies with connections all over the place, but nowhere where you are located at, like Steve Salimbas did,

AllyConnect is located at 625 Middle Country Road Coram, NY. It is owned by Agios Worldwide Inc. Agios Worldwide Inc. is located at 12 Chardonnay RD Commack, NY.  While AllyConnect appears to be a quasi business complex, Agios, et al., are based out of a residential property owned by a Lola and Peter Heretakis.

So, while Salimbas is out representing to the world that he is the owner and founder of AllyConnect, CompliDocs, and I presume the World Peace Initiative to boot, the reality is that when we ran the address of 12 Chardonnay RD, Commack, NY, we found that it tracked back to Lola and Peter Heretakis, a couple whom appear to have nothing to do with the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The biggest losers are those whom Salimbas has already conned into believing his systems would work.

At the end of the day, this is how Eric Miller and his Regime operate. They spin things up and hope they work and collect the money regardless. We will stay on top of this story as it continues to unfold.

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