Brian Mingham’s Fraud Resurfaces As CFSI Loan Management

Nick Pakkidis Begins Recruiting For CFSI Loan Management Helping Brian Mingham Line His Pockets

While Brian Mingham is bailing out of National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) with his golden parachute, he and some of his employees are already spinning up CFSI Loan Management. Word is already out that within hours of his closing the NRES doors and saddling millions of dollars in debt upon the shoulders of Minority Females and Labor, Mingham and his criminally operating employees began recruiting folks honestly believing that they would bite. And make no mistake that Foreclosurepedia is going to go after those employees. You see, the pain is going to be equitably shared. And those people are put on notice that while Mingham might weather the storm, they are all going to be looking for work, at some point, and when companies run that social media background check — and simply read through Foreclosurepedia because we have employees and lawyers both whom beg us to take down their names — they are going to be unemployable.

Take Nick Pakkidis, Van Nuys, California, Mingham’s right hand henchman. Pakkidis claims that he works for, yet another Mingham fraud firm called Pacific Preservation, which went belly up several months back. Pakkidis and Mingham have been spinning up fraud since the beginning. And when it came to fraud, these two were epic. Take the Muslim owned firm they defrauded over sixty thousand dollars from. In order to keep the books looking right, for auditing purposes, NRES would make a partial payment of say five percent of that which was owed. NRES was able to say they paid the debt and their books would record it. Problem is that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Fannie Mae (FNMA) — Warning, the FNMA website is not https secure — are not looking at what they pay to National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members. The portfolio holders are not, in turn, looking at what NAMFS members are paying to Minority Females and Labor. Additionally, no one is auditing the chargebacks nor those which are being protested.

Whether or not the Service Contract Act (SCA) applies; whether or not the Copeland Act applies to illegal mandatory discounting, is immaterial. What is material is that Brian Mingham is a criminal and has targeted both Minority Females and Labor to commit fraud upon.

Here is the first seven percent of Mingham fraud. I want that link to sink in for just a moment. And Patricia E McTaggart, Altisource, is heading it up, once again, just like she did in the past. More on Pat and Altisource on tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement need to take a long, hard look at how Mingham is targeting Minority Females. And while they are at it, why not take a look at how the ALL WHITE NAMFS Board of Directors have made millions in their schemes and artifices, which crossed state lines, using electronic means. I understand that everyone is hung up on Trump mania. Here is a firm in the liberal bastion of Austin and Thousand Oaks, CA, purposefully targeting those whom can least afford to lose their money. Moreover, though, you pick this low hanging fruit and just like an onion, it will peel away to reveal the high value targets whom will cause pain to whitey’s system of horrors.

Foreclosurepedia is searching for all current employees of Brian Mingham. We want to do our part, as part of a Public Service Announcement, to make those public. We are the line in the sand ladies and gentlemen. Foreclosurepedia is the Beacon of Light which shines through that Wilderness we call the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Help us help you. Donate TODAY!

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