Brian Mingham Altisource Interactive Fraud Map

Brian Mingham, Thousand Oaks, CA, Defrauded Over $170,000+ From A Jewish American And Nearly Twice As Much From Minority Females And Labor.

This entry is part 29 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

It was revealed earlier yesterday that Brian Mingham, National Real Estate Solutions (NRES), specifically targeted a Jewish American for well over One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Dollars. This is a new aspect of what we have been seeing with respect to simply targeting people based upon race and gender. We have included those properties in the map below. The map is an interactive map you may zoom in or out upon and readjust the map to begin to see the properties, work orders, and amounts that he and Patricia E McTaggart, Altisource, swindled from innocent Minority Females and Labor.

For those at Safeguard Properties (SGP) whom are reading this today, Mingham targeted a dual citizen whom is from Israel. While you may not like what I do, allowing a 6′ 2″ white poster child for the Nazi Waffen SS to target one of your own is deserving of your attention.

Over the next several days, Foreclosurepedia will begin to release each and every case of fraud including all of the information associated with it with respect to the National Field Network, Fannie Mae, and Reverse Mortgage Solutions atrocities.

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