CWIS LLC Agrees To Settle Claim

CWIS LLC, by and through its general counsel John Bravacos, have finally agreed to settle claims for services rendered by Foreclosurepedia upon HUD properties under their stewardship.  Following the lead of AMSREO, CWIS LLC have agreed to deliver an overnight check in the same manner as AMSREO.  To date, PPMS South have refused to return phone calls or emails with respect to this situation.  Neither their CEO and Owner, Jason Mathis nor their Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Lambert have been available for comment.  This is most disconcerting as PPMS South have a direct deposit (ACH) authorization for Foreclosurepedia’s business account.  We have informed both them and Bravacos that we wish to revoke this authorization; however, no one has replied with respect to this.

With that said, I wanted to take a moment to review the aforementioned scenario as it greatly impacts Contractors in the Industry.  Albeit, Foreclosurepedia was able to retrieve its money due, it is a bittersweet victory.  First, we NEVER should have had to resort to the filing of Notices of Intent To Lien.  Second, PPMS South is going to get a pass and will probably, in my opinion, continue to screw other Contractors for years to come.  Third and most importantly, there is no Industry platform to begin to track these Order Mills and punish them.

Here’s the rub:  These Regionals, granted sporadic, are causing catastrophic damage throughout the Industry.  Their actions force the good names of Nationals to be hung out to dry in the Court of Public Opinion.  The once far flung cases are now becoming weekly events ranging from the thousands to the millions of dollars.  With that said, I am not a Company man.  What I mean is that I do not give any more thought to taking on the Big Boys than I do passing salt at the dinner table.  I do not like it, though.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  It takes up time which could be better spent with my son and his mother.  So, in the end, I am loosing even when I win.

I believe that this issue should be met head on.  First, I feel that someone like NAMFS should form a Blue Ribbon Committee and begin to objectively collect the facts and issue some kind of Statement about this.  The reality is that the Nationals whom originate the work are their members.  This is not to say that NAMFS nor their originating members are responsible for what is going on.  It is to say, though, that NAMFS is in a unique position to be able to take the lead on an issue which is beginning to ruin the livelihood of Contractors.  At the end of the day, the Contractors are the boots-on-the-ground whom suffer this iniquity with no one to protect them.

I would like to propose that any Contractor out there whom has not been paid contact me directly through the Contact Me button at the bottom of the page.  I will take your information, research the situation and begin to compile a Rough Draft Report to present to either NAMFS (in the cases where its Members are implicated) and the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG)  ISTAR database.  In the near future, Foreclosurepedia is going to host an International Web Video Conference to discuss ways in which we, as Contractors , are able to address these wrongs and begin to implement both civil and criminal proceedings against those whom are responsible for the theft by way of deception of our labor.  Make no mistake, when any Company engages in conduct which is calculated to defraud another by and through a Contract and does such across state lines it is a FEDERAL FELONY!

With that said, I want to take the time to thank CWIS LLC and AMSREO for both reaching out to us and paying us for work which their Regional Contractor, PPMS South refused to.  We find this to be unfortunate for all parties concerned.  We hope to emphasize that this has never been a personal issue; this is business.  We would strongly encourage both Companies to discontinue their use of Mathis’ and Lambert’s Order Mill and rather look to hire a legitimate firm or in our humble opinion, give Contractors the ability to work direct with them to help deliver both a Quality Product which CWIS LLC, AMSREO and their Clients want and more importantly to finally give Contractors to receive a fair price for the services which we render daily to the entire Industry.


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