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Cleveland Housing Court: Tracking The Homes

Foreclosurepedia has been working on an enormous expose of the behind-the-scenes movement of properties from low income, disenfranchised homeowners to non profit entities such as the Cuyahoga County Land Bank (CCLB) in Cleveland, Ohio. This has been a four month investigation which is finally beginning to produce results. Appointed as close to G-d as is possible terrestrially is a little known entity known as the Cleveland Housing Court (CHC) which is technically the Cleveland Municipal Court, Housing Division, Cuyahoga County. While Foreclosurepedia is currently reserving its opinion upon the situation as a whole, we are beginning to fully grasp and comprehend the scope and scale of what is taking place in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Foreclosurepedia spoke today with CHC to request the production of documents which detail the amount of properties which have been transferred from private home owners and corporations to CCLB. The sheer magnitude of tracking even basic information is so massive that CHC stated they would only be able to give a guestimate, for want of better words, as there is no infrastructure in play to track such information.

Without tipping my hand to the entirety of the series, understand the simple premise. Municipal and County government employees issue citations for issues pertaining to properties throughout Cuyahoga County. Wherein, these types of citations in most jurisdictions are fines, CHC has the ability to send people to jail by and through their implementation of their local legislation. What Foreclosurepedia has begun to do is:

  • Quantify the numbers, since inception, of CHC and CCLB materials;
  • Extrapolate these numbers on a Google Fusion Table;
  • Compile all CHC Docket Data — The Warrant – Capias Docket since inception is now over 100 Pages long;
  • Interview Homeowners whom have been through the CHC Process;
  • Interview Lawyers involved in the CHC Process; and
  • Determine whom the Stakeholders are with respect to CCLB and what the ROI is to Cuyahoga County Citizens

The sheer magnitude of this Project known as #OpCuyahoga already takes up nearly 4 gigabytes of storage across two cloud servers. So, while this introduction to #OpCuyahoga is spartan, the Series we roll out will have ramifications Coast-to-Coast. In fact, critically acclaimed Hollywood Producer Patrick Lovell has agreed to take a look at our Findings when we officially present them. Lovell is best known for his first person account of the Foreclosure Crisis in Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream. Lovell was additionally interviewed on MSNBC and founded Everyman SuperPAC.

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